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  • xraythrives xraythrives Nov 11, 2011 3:13 PM Flag

    It's funny...

    Why would you value an individual who has been caught in multiple out and out lies, and pretends to know as fact things which everyone else knows can ONLY be speculation or opinion??

    Personally, I can't stand the arrogant SOB

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    • XRAY-I sometimes get tunnel vision and I don't mind someone telling me the exact opposite of what I want to hear. I like hearing other perspectives. I then attempt to prove or disprove them through DD to see if they warrant merit. Thats why I was so interested to see his risk reward analysis and what he based it on. I completely disagreed with it, and consequently my own conviction became that much stronger.

      I always investigate and analyze all angles, to make sure I'm not wrong or missing something. I concluded my analysis is more stable.

      I have done the same with Johnnyg, yourself, Bustedbox, ectbox, hannibal,. First, I listened to your positions and arguments. Then I looked at your history of posting. Then i researched any and all links that were provided. And then based on these assessments, I concluded that you guys were all reasonable, had no manipulative agenda, and based your reasoning on facts.

      Trust me XRay, I know you can't stand him. Heck, even when he was long in the summer you hated the man. LOL You had him pegged before he made the switch. LOL

      I look at it this way, his is the closest thing to an intelligent case for no buyout, and yet it holds very little water. He actually strengthens my current belief in a buyout.


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      • Lind can never influence me of his negativism towards IDCC because I know what company IDCC is all about- its fundamentals, value to the industry it serves and its future. So, if Lind says otherwise I'll be here stopping him to discourage others by countering his false claims and outright lies. I now realize that LIND is the smart version of Jillis Swell Head but both are same nutty, flaky and unreasonably negative. I come to guess that both lost big time on IDCC that they retaliate against those who are expecting to make money on IDCC buy out. Lind may claim otherwise but for all this lies has a very fundamental reason....

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