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  • batsinthepelfrey batsinthepelfrey Nov 15, 2011 1:51 PM Flag

    IDCC-no deal announcement until after Thanksgiving

    I'm hearing the while a deal is close that unless something is finalized this week, it is very unlikely anything will happen next week with Thanksgiving holiday. It still is two main bidders remaining. Basically, IDCC will need to accept and offer from one of them. One bidder is the leader and they are currently negotiating with them. They are discussing minor issues which could effect stock price marginally. I think we will see an announcement by early December. Good luck to all!

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    • This #$%$ has been so full of #$%$ that this gives me hope that a deal will happen soon. Why anyone cares about his posts is beyond me.

    • Shame on you!

      Why do you pretend to have inside information and deliberately mislead people?

      Here are the past messages where you claimed that your sources told you that a buyout would be announced after-hours:

      Longs our day has come 26-Oct-11 10:03 am
      News was leaked out on Monday, and I now have it on good source that tonight after hours will give us the news we've been waiting for. I am expecting a surge on volume today to correspond with tonights announcement.

      Re: batsinthepelfrey -- any updates 17-Oct-11 11:33 am
      I stand by what I said..I'm expecting an announcement from company after market today. Things could change as this process is rather volatile and fluid. Any change would probably be good news for longs.

      IR in on meetings 12-Oct-11 09:44 am
      I'm hearing that investor relations is in on meetings today. Typically they only get involved when a press release is being put together. The process is a lot further along than many on this board seem to think. Keep in mind that the dealReporter news relates to news that had been out for weeks. This is not current info. Things have progressed much further since then.

      News out tonight? 10-Oct-11 04:48 pm
      I'm hearing we could be seeing news from the company as early as tonight. More importantly, we should have a release from the company no later than next Monday. IDCC pretty tight lipped so not sure if this release would announce deal or end buyout talks, but we should have an update soon is what I'm hearing. Let's hope its a buyout!

      Volume 5-Oct-11 02:30 pm
      The last time IDCC traded less than 1,000,000 shares in a day was the day before the 'announcement'. I will say no more guys...but I trust you can put the pieces together.

    • I'm with you buddy, you make sense to me, see if we can get this baby delivered, first of Dec would work well
      Steve Jobs needs this for his legacy: Destroy Andriod with endless legal battles---

    • batsinthepelfrey,

      I agree, although I would like to see a deal before my Nov options expire this week, but I think there is a chance final bids could be finalize by Friday and an announcement early next week before Thanksgiving.

      If not, I'm agree, this will probably get done by early/mid December.

      Again, companies aren't bidding for GE or 3M, IDCC has a lot of future value, but we are looking at a buyout range between $5B to $8B, it's not going to take another 6 months for companies to decide whether they want to pay $5 billion or $7 billion...I'd imagine companies/consortiums would start to back out when/if the bids get near $8 billion, probably even $7.5 billion...

    • Great... now I can eat my turkey in peace ;)

    • yeah how do you know this?

    • Shooo fly. We already have a dork who claims to know things he couldn't possibly know. You don't get a pass just because you are bullish on the long side

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