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  • ckpuma ckpuma Nov 16, 2011 3:05 PM Flag


    Anyone feel that the price appreciation may set a tone of urgency for the deal to be completed ASAP. I mean, why sell the company at 85 if it gets to 65 on it's own in very short order? Where will be the premium???....

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    • i read Barclays sometimes lends money to buyers in need of cash in M&S deals they are working on. I wonder if there is a way to find out if they have made any big loans lately.

    • jackgotney, yep, and that's when I'd sell my Dec and jan calls and buy more March, June, or Jan 2013 haha...

    • marketbeat ... a little light reading on some of IDCC's patent families ...

    • yeah all they really need to do is go over the 4G/LTE and 3G patents, no point in looking over 2G...but again, I could see Google purposely dragging their feet and asking for more and more time, just to pisss everyone off...why?

      Well Google knows Apple has more money, especially if Apple teams up with QCOM, and Google knows that Apple is on the offensive (thermo nuclear), and will not allow them to buy IDCC, so I think Google already realizes they are going to lose, however, they know that IDCC needs them to bid in order to get a nice why not drag your feet if your Google right?

      However, Intel could be "leading the way" and telling Google to hurry up...the options market is suggesting this deal will happen within the next that's kind of a good sign

    • i hope they can come out and say something, anything: "we are in advanced talks or stages of negotiations with one or more parties" ; "we are ccnsidering bids that that have gone beyond our $5 billion minimum bid threshold" "we expect everything to be finalized by the end of q4 2011, Q1 2 3 or 4 of 2012 - - - etc.." etc... they can add "we are unable to comment further, thank you, everybody, for listening. " That would add 20 or 30 dollars to the share value!

    • Yea I'd like to know whether they're examining each and every patent.
      My father's an attorney and he said he's seen cases where the companies just buy up a horde of patents when they only understand a few of them just to be safe. And I know the bidding companies would be much more meticulous with this much $$ at stake, but do they really go and examine each one?! And even if they do, there's so many differing valuations and patent ratings on IDCC's IP that the final assessment of value is still uncertain.
      However, like in the cases mentioned above, it's always better to be safe and buy them all...especially in this cuthroat industry

    • jackgotney, I agree, I own Dec, Jan, and March calls too, my Nov expire this week. I think the big question is, how long can IDCC go without saying anything?

      Do the buyers need to look at every patent to get an idea of the value? How much work is BCS and Evercore getting done each business day? Are they working on Saturday? 8 hour days? 10 hour days, this is stuff I'd like to know, but I can't...and I feel that Google is slowing this thing down to be gaay and pisss everyone off

    • I think the take out price is not so much dependent on the stock price---the companies value as reflected in the day to day stock price is relative to a lot of factors, the companies value as it relates to comparable sales of Like companies is where it will end up--Nortel was in bankrupcy and its ONE asset class: IPR sold for more than the whole company was worth---maybe 100X---

    • That's not how it works. Bidders (if any) come to their own conclusions with respect to value without regard to share price. Management's expectations may be affected by the share price, but as we know management can have unrealistic expectations.

    • Exactly and that is way any run up denotes an urgency to close a buyout BEFORE it gets up there.

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