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  • xraythrives xraythrives Nov 17, 2011 1:10 AM Flag

    Looks like we might have to wait 6 more months for the deal

    How do you get 6 months out of the statement, "a little longer" That is what Shuttleworth said. It has been four months and will probably be "a little longer"

    I would interpret that to mean maybe one more month.

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    • I would agree with you, but because Shuttleworth mentioned that Nortel took 6 months, and had way LESS patents, we shouldn't expect IDCC to get done anytime soon, ie possible another 4-6 months...

      Well I hope not, that's why I was wondering what you guys thought, I just threw it out there...I'm thinking about buying Jan 2013 calls now lol.

      xray, how many weeks do you think IDCC BOD/MGMT can go without saying anything, how much longer will shareholders demand an update?

      Aside from Shuttleworth's opinion, it seems that because there hasn't been any news/leaks since earnings (3 weeks ago) seems like the deal might be coming to a close, and why would there need to be a leak if the deal is coming to a close.

      However, the options market is picking up big time, making big bets for Dec and Jan, wondering how other people/Wall St./Hedge Funds could know if the auction is closed/private?

      Maybe other companies who were in the bidding process/auction who are now out, might have leaked it. Think about it, if HTC or Huawei, or one of them weren't able to join a consortium and are out, maybe they leaked the time frame of the bidding process...and if these companies are Asian who leaked, couldn't they get away with it? I mean is the SEC going to come after Huawei and HTC in China/South Korea?lol

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