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  • xraythrives xraythrives Nov 22, 2011 10:56 AM Flag

    Once deal goes through at nice premium

    I will say to you all in my final post:

    Was there ever a doubt?

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    • <<Lind in my understanding made lots of losses...>>

      Really? Perhaps you should review my IDCC posts beginning in July.

    • Xray, never get angry dealing with Lind. Just attack him personally because the man is flawed in character and I may describe a person like Lind as inveterate LIAR with propensity to self righteousness.

    • Lind in my understanding made lots of losses and the only way to make him feel good is to bash others to make himself look good to HIMSELF ! Lind never impress me and I can spot him as PHONY from a distance.

    • While I wait for the outcome of the strategic process my goal is to give and receive support from other longs.

      This is why I post the daily money flow & its related data.

      I also post my impression/opinions which I can't substantiate, e.g. my opinion on the questionable Barflays role which only now is finding an echo @ IHub.

      Another aspect of what I do, while I wait to achieve my IDCC objective, is to refute FUD, lies, manipulations etc. This abounds in this thread.

      I don't think it is wise to let pumpers, manipulators, wackos etc produce all the content posted on the IDCC thread.

      Its like this character you mention is only 1/5th of 1/3 of my themes in this thread. Not much for the amount of hours he puts into it.

      If this character, who apparently has been convinced by a greencard seeker that he is is the father to her child, posts even on the day of the birth of "his" child then it is clear that we are dealing with an abnormal personality.

    • His goal isn't to win an argument. His goal is to get you to respond.
      Every time you do, he wins.

    • or you could buy Jan 2013 or 2014 leaps haha

    • Dc1081, I've got no wisdom to add on the issue of timing and options. I thought that this deal would be concluded by September or October, and I was dead wrong about that (that miscalculation also cost me a bit in expiring options).

      Like the Nokia situation, I feel Merritt may be allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good (he may be holding out for the perfect price when a merely good price would thrill us all), but this is merely prejudice on my part and I have no evidence with which to back up this line of reasoning or paranoia.

      I do know, however, that the fundamentals supporting InterDigital are remarkably strong and the wireless market is one with incredible potential before it, and InterDigital is a very good long-term investment.

      I can't believe this has gone on for as long as it has, but I've been battered enough to make me a believer that I can't estimate how long this process will take. Therefore, I have concluded that I am not smart enough to time this process, and the best course is to own the stock.

    • bustedbox2, I agree, that's why I put Lind on ignore. I also created a Anti Lind Pact 2.0 post a few weeks ago, trying to clean up the board, however, I think texisbest is worse than Lind because Texisbest can turn a board room into a zoo in 2 or 3 posts.

      Busted, I'm concerned about time, since I'm playing options, got any idea of when you think the deal will happen, assuming it does?

      I think the holidays are a good marker, there's a very good chance the parties involved will want to get this done before Christmas. If not it could happen anywhere between Jan and May, not sure how long IDCC could keep quiet though, it's not like they are bidding for a huge company like GE or Boeing, bids between $6B to $8B should make separate the winner from the loser, shouldn't take another 6 months for that to play out...

    • Dc1081, I don't know anything about Lind's private life and I don't want to. He may be a charming person and his wife may have been swept off her feet by him, but that has nothing to do with whether we are wise or foolish to be investing (or speculating) in InterDigital.

      I remember a time when X-ray and I were debating whether Merritt was (or was not) being unreasonable in his dealings with Nokia over the price of our IP. That debate was helpful in evaluating the price of IDCC's stock and the management decisions which affected it.

      We all know Lind's agenda in bashing IDCC, but these personal attacks do nothing to advance our understanding of InterDigital as a company or as a stock. Lind has become a great distraction (and an effective one) if his goal is to turn us away from evaluating the fundamentals of IDCC which, I believe, are very strong.

    • They need to have all of their metallic dental fillings removed, since I use their fillings as antennae.

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