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  • dukie_brown_jr dukie_brown_jr Nov 30, 2011 7:19 AM Flag

    has anyone else

    I'm sorry you're still stuck in the double-wide out in Iowa City. I would of hoped that the tornados or floods you had a few years ago would have taken care of that for you. Well, at least Iowa City has a second rate college in town, you can spend the next 8 or 9 years getting your degree. Have fun being stuck in the middle of nowhere.....for the rest of your life.


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    • haha, Iowa City is nice, not sure what you're talking about. I guess since you're out in the east coast you perceive the Midwest as all country. Most of Iowa City sits up on high ground on both sides of the Iowa river, so it was mainly buildings along the river that got hit, and it was Cedar Rapids got hit hard.

      <<Have fun being stuck in the middle of nowhere.....for the rest of your life.>>

      Dude, IC is on I-80, 3 hours west of Chicago, 20 min south of Cedar Rapids, and 2 hours east of Des Moines, eastern Iowa is urbanized buddy.

      You're out in the east coast, which is a nice area, but because it's a rat race out there and the rent/property is very expensive, I'm sure you live in a tiny one room Apt because you're a loser that got behind in the rat race :)

      And I'm sure my Apt is bigger, just as nice, and cheaper than yours :)

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