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  • downstock downstock Dec 5, 2011 3:51 PM Flag

    IDCC mgmt reads these messages

    We should be united in our displeasure with their silence and the damage it has caused to the stock. It will not be forgotten..each day they carry on this process and damage the stock is noted by me. Mgmt should be held accountable for poor decisions.

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    • More IDCC shareholders down at the food bank than usual today. This slide is really starting to bite. Man, I had to elbow a guy just to get some Hamburger Helper. Later he told me had November call options so I kinda feel bad, but not really. He kept mumbling something over and over about seeing a River Card. And I thought I was in bad shape with the voices in my head that keep telling me to buy the dips. The guys who came back from Iraq are in better shape than us.

    • IDCC management reads the message boards????

      LOL!! What ever remaining credibility you still had (if any) just got laughed out of town.

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      • I once was contacted by a board member of a company for something I posted on a message board. I was basically questioning mgmt except I named individuals specifically. Trust me they read, and even post too sometimes under fake names..aka Wholefoods CEO. This is especially true for smaller companies such as IDCC. Notice how they issued a press release after the first DR release. IF they don't read these boards then someone does and reports back to them. I guarantee you.

    • Downstock sell your shares and get it over with.

      Yeah, like I will unit with you, Lind, zippo patrol, infosource, stocklak etc, all are superheroes !! I am just a humble long ....

      Sir, in the name of prestigious investors such as Lind, Reality Patrol, Downstock, Stocklak, Lady Domina we want you to quickly conclude the sale of IDCC even if it means giving her away for a song. We are nervous and can't take it anymore. Or we are going to sue you... using our YMB nicks. You have been served !!

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      • Are you IDCC mgmt or IR? Because I can't imagine not being upset when the market is flying and IDCC can't even finish in the green. I like the potential and future of this company, but they are destroying it by carrying out this process and not working on licensing their 4g patents. If there's a buyout then announce it..if you have no buyout but are still looking then they must move on. The window for these patents will pass them by and they will have nothing.

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