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  • goldentagus goldentagus Dec 30, 2011 8:33 AM Flag

    An open letter to Apple CEO recommends purchasing IDCC patents

    This open letter in a Chinese site has been automatically translated with Microsoft Translator

    December 30, 2011

    Thanks to Lei Feng network drop

    The letter written by nuclear experts and engineers Nigam Arora, letter, Arora let Cook put a patent, which reads as follows:

    Dear Mr Cook: I write this letter, I implore you to adopt new strategies to win a patent war. To date, the distinguished Apple used scorched earth strategy in patent battle, competitors leave no room for the enemy, jobs in life also said he was willing to do whatever it takes and Android fighting a "nuclear war", it now appears that this is more clear than ever.

    Indeed, Apple this strategy has been effective, patent litigation at least spread out competitor Google, Samsung, HTC management attention, so they spent a lot of money to pay legal costs, forcing Google to spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying Motorola's Mobile Division.

    But do you think, perhaps because Apple patent litigation pressures cause the Microsoft has been successful in obtaining Android device makers royalty, Microsoft has now signed with 55% Android OEM business license transfer agreement, which account for United States 53% of the Android market.

    Of course, Apple is still a leader in the mobile, performed far better than Microsoft, I get many higher royalties than Microsoft, but now many of the patents for OEM, Microsoft, criticality than Apple, for example, deciding when to remove Flash, manage contact databases, responding to the request, both short and long file names in the same file system, such as patents.

    Course, Apple can block competitors provides Apple products in the those user loves of function, but such do also has many limitations, you can said Apple Qian segment time in and HTC protest in the won has patent war, on HTC for, this does is a setbacks, but for Apple for, in its global patent war in the, victory of just a fraction, recently Apple products due to motorcycle patent of won and in Germany was ban, and in Australia, Court and canceled has Samsung flat computer ban order.

    Apple is the most important existing policy in the future there is a big risk: first, now this advantage in the future will only shrink; second, Apple's competitors will find a counter method.

    I am not suggesting that Apple reached a licensing agreement with competitors, as for Apple, maintain product differentiation is important, but to Apple in the selective optimization while maintaining product advantages and highlights the value of Apple patents.

    I more of advocate of is "wedge between winning" policy, such as and visibility does not high of Android OEM commercial signed authorized agreement, this policy can using these does not famous of Android OEM commercial and is led status of Samsung and the HTC for competition, not only Xiao weak main competition who of strength, also can earned was jinpen full bowl, without spend for sued, while also protection has own of patent, Also by authorizing access to royalty (in fact, each Android phones and the Apple get 10 to 15 dollars in royalties), do not threaten the uniqueness of Apple products.

    In addition, you can also expand the scope of policies, purchasing patents from companies such as Eastman Kodak,InterDigital, or even signing a licensing agreement with Nokia, and Nokia is likely to replace the Apple in the future, as the Android market's largest competitor.

    Only my most sincere greetings!

    Nigam Arora

    Via Forbes leiphone


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