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  • realitypatrol realitypatrol Dec 30, 2011 11:59 AM Flag

    Thread for discussing IDCC 2011 BOD/MGMT accomplishments

    chirp chirp go the crickets. :D

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    • Why Thank You sir! But I only engage in low grade mud wrestling so navy Seal is a little too much:-)

      Happy New Year.

    • X-Ray... :-) You're awesome and I mean that. My apologies for not spending more time on the board and slugging it out with the bottom feeders too. I appreciate your input and resolve. You're the Navy SEAL of the longs.

      The end game is near.


    • Inability to sell the company? What are you ignorant? The company is negotiating a sale as we speak.

    • Call Sheila Gindes at Thales too.

    • You seem to have a personal issue with the company Dan. You hate this company. You must have had some relationship in the past. I will call Interdigital next week and see if this is true. I hope you are not betting money behind your emotional feelings for the company. Did they fire you? LOL

    • Reality Patrol, you wrote: "inability to sell the company"

      Aren't those words like 15 sizes to big for you?

      What are your credentials?

      Do you work in Thales Communications?

      Will you take on that wager ?

    • "did you wish to comment on the sheer brilliance of management offering themselves up for sale in the hottest market in history for Mobile Comm IP?"

      Sure I will comment! IDCC's inability to sell the company in "the hottest market in history for Mobile Comm IP" drives home my point on the effectiveness of this management and BOD.

    • Wow, zippo discussion on IDCC 2011 BOD/MGMT accomplishments. Oh well, I will chime in then.

      IDCC was very optimistic in 2010, talking about licensing momentum leading into 2011, talking about IDCC being in the sweet spot with respect to where the market is going, talking about seeing incredible opportunities to acquire patents. Now we all know that with respect to the expectations that IDCC management put out there for you guys, 2011 has been a complete disaster. IDCC lost LG, taking a severe bite out of earnings. People like "don't sleep" Nuke John and others were absolutely giddy over the CAFC oral arguments, yet still, Nokia is not budging. RIMM is falling apart. Interdigital's bread and butter, Samsung, who in hindsight, blundered miserably by settling with IDCC over IDCC's non-infringed patents, will be able to join the ranks of other holdouts like Nokia and LG in one year.

      But despite this year of non execution, IDCC did accomplish two brilliant things, which ironically required the least amount of effort on their part. They issued two statements:

      1) InterDigital, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDCC) today announced that its Board of Directors has initiated a process to explore and evaluate potential strategic alternatives for the company, which may include a sale or other transaction.

      Translation: Our business strategy is obviously not very effective, and in light of the huge success of the Nortel auction, we would like to see if we can cash in on the patent wars.

      2) The company has not set a timetable for completion of the review process, and it does not intend to comment further regarding the review process unless a specific transaction is approved by the Board of Directors, the review process is concluded or it is otherwise determined that further disclosure is appropriate or required by law.

      Translation: Whew!!! the pressure is off. Now, not only do we not have to execute on our business strategy, we also don't have to communicate with our shareholders, and all the while, we have our shareholders convinced that we are in the process of getting them rich. Talk about an enviable position.

      The above 2 statements in my opinion, are 2 brilliant accomplishments from the perspective of IDCC management and BOD of course.

      The third best accomplishment for IDCC this year is of course the college kids contest with the fabulous prizes.

      * keep in mind that when I am discussing IDCC here, I am not referring to the engineers. I believe the IDCC engineers do a fine job with the resources that they have.

    • As I said before just stick around for the result. It is easy to trash the company when they have been silent for 5 months due to a potential buyout. The crickets we will be hearing are going to be from your username when this is all done. Again, why are you hear? Are you short? You are a coward for not answering because after the fact you will say you had no position even though you will be living in a box at the park. Why not answer? Coward.

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