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  • downstock downstock Feb 10, 2012 10:38 AM Flag

    I feel like one of the few survivors

    after a war or battle and the whole town has been destroyed. This message board used to be a hub of activity and now only a few regulars continue to post. There are the serial bashers who jump aboard when stock is down, but they have faded as well. What this tells me is that all the hype and dreaming is gone. I feel good about that. I've always felt good about the company, and now that expectations are low I feel its the right time to be in this stock.

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    • Sometimes it's just too depressing to look at a stock that you own when it's really beat up and not up beat. I bought this stock in the low 40's. However, I've continued to write calls on it when it runs. Subsequently, the calls have expired worthless so my average cost is well below the current price level. However, I did own a crappy stock many years ago. I'm wiser now. I don't mind making 5% to 20% by writing a covered call and exiting the position when the stock gets called away. It's hard to hit a homerun. Small ball (modest gains) usually wins the game in my opinion. Good luck to all longs & I hope the stock will run for us.

    • I'm still here, not much to post about since all the hype has passed. The mgmt has let us down again and next event is the court decision....I've traded this stock for 20 yrs but can never go short since I have all my stock in an IRA....I'm long at higher levels thru this all.....

    • I'm still long with you DS and I agree it's good that the hype has passed.

    • Once you wipe away expectations you're on the road to recovery.

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