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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Feb 27, 2012 11:32 PM Flag

    world class licensing team left 750 mil in closet ?


    We've seen ridiculous ranges in what the non-core patents are possibly going to sell for.

    first of all, we have to hope someone is going to buy them.

    second of all, barclays or mpartners, or whoever, said patent familes were worth a certain amount of money, based on nortel. So some simp immediately assumed each patent was a patent family, and multiplied the number of idcc patents times the nortel family value.
    In addition, everyone in here said that based on the number of core/essential patents we had, vs nortel, we should get much more. We didnt even get an offer. So you cant even use the nortel patent family value to start with.
    And, a lot of IDCC's patents are duplicates, that are filed in other countries. One u.s patent may be filed in 2, 3 , 5 other countries. 17,000 patents. Not unique ones. You need to take the number of unique patents, divide them into families of patents, then multiply that times a fraction of what the nortel patent families got.

    I submit to all of you, we get less than 100 million for these non-core patents

    My estimate range for samsung was 325 to 800 mil, based on LG. The range was created by factoring a discount.
    Diehard cheerleaders expected up to a billion.

    But the worse thing here is, if IDCC had 600 million, 400, 200 million, or anything over 20 million in patents, that were just sitting around, gathering dust, and werent noticed until competitors and customers saw them, then I submit to you that IDCC's world class licensing team is a joke. sadly, the more idcc gets for them, the worse that team looks.

    wonder if they will announce a buyer late this year, then say they have several payment options. That gives the buyer a chance to ponder is payment. But it also pushes the stock price up for the 4th quarter, insiders sell their bonus reward stock, then early next year we all learn a disappointing amount.

    Like with the samsung announcment 4 years ago.

    deja vue

    dont worry, everything is just fine

    and the hype continues

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Its sad. Whats more sad is I got suckered into a "buy out" scenario. again.
      First time I escaped with a small profit, this time I lost my butt. NEVER NEVER NERVER again will I be suckered into a buy out rumor.
      I beg those that got check out CLNE and LNG...this country HAS to go Natural Gas...I'm not pumping these stocks...but CLNE is building a NG
      infrastructure that will enable trucking companies, (eventually cars) to switch to NG...OIL is not coming down...but I hope IDCC does great...
      good luck.

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