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  • lindmeritge lindmeritge Mar 9, 2012 4:08 PM Flag

    If only you guys had listened to me....

    you would have made serious bank on this.

    I dropped by to see if I could be of service and warn you this pig could fall below 30.

    You've been warned.

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    • is dirty lint admiring himself via another id again? That is a sure tell tale sign of a lint alt id. Quickly use your ITU to nullify that boring troll and his army of alternate ids. Unless you like being annoyed. That is what trolls like to do.

    • << too bad you and the other idiots like wsurfer didn't take some time to listen to him. Instead of crying in your beer you'd be drinking champagne. >>

      Another of lind's flunkies following him back to the IDCC board. Don't forget to star lind's message - that's your job after all.

      And who's crying in their beer? Sorry Moose but you must have me confused with downstock.

      Remember - I'm the one who has a hedged long position that generates my target profit as long as IDCC remains above $35 and is profitable as long as IDCC remains above $30.

      Oops, forgot, the Moose can't understand this trade - anything more than a simple long or short position is too complex for the Moose.

    • I've traded it a couple of times in the last month for a couple of points. I have a 1000 shares right now that I bought at about a point and a quarter lower. I'm not going to get rich but I'll take an extra 2K a month. Stock has limited downside.

      Just my 2 sense

    • << If only you guys had listened to me you would have made serious bank on this. >>

      Tell us oh great one, how you made serious bank on this.

      You made a profit on the surge of initial buyout optimism but that's it. You didn't have the b*lls to short it on the way down. So tell us how you made serious bank.

      << I dropped by to see if I could be of service >>

      Sure you did - you dropped by to crow again about the profit you made months and months ago. Must be tough when you have to depend on reliving the past to get an ego burst.

      << and warn you this pig could fall below 30 >>

      Possible - but are you putting money on this prediction? Do you have the b*lls to short it this time? Or are you just all talk - again?

    • Thanks for the warning. I'm sure you are very conserned for the longs, but you fail to warn us shorts that this cash cow, which you call a pig for some reason, could rise up to 60. It is better to short high and sell low. Or buy low and sell high. I'd say it is low below 40 and high above 60 given current knowledge. So it could do almost anything in that extreme range of 30 to 70 depending on investors actions. Probably it will eventually stabilize in the 40s and 50s. But be forwarned of all these possibilities. I am just stopping by to make sure the shorts are aware of this.

    • that would be one attractive pig at 30.

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