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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Apr 4, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    Proithus hired to strengthen the exec team


    sounds good.

    te connectivity is the old tyco electronics and before then AMP INC

    and before that, some time with hewlett-packard

    sounds good

    at least he's got some previous wireless experience.

    and it looks like they can use him. what, with not realizing how they had 3,000 patents that other companies wanted to buy, i think they needed to do something. their existing team is semi clueless.

    and maybe he can help them make some sound business decisions

    and stop playing games with barclays

    and maybe he can teach them something about greed

    they've hired people before

    many were from motorola. they didnt come becuase idcc was great, they came becasue motorola was flaming out.

    and remember gercenstein, the guy who lasted about a year.

    remember how he froze on cnbc, during a tv interview on how idcc was doing all this great stuff

    good luck allen.

    you're going to need it

    esp if idcc loses any of its court cases

    do one thing, will ya ?

    compare the per phone rate that they charged for samsung and LG, and compare it to what they asked for Nokia.

    and then take what nokia first offered, if anything, and add all of the money idcc spent on the nokia trials, and see if that doesnt come close to what idcc asked for.

    and ask them if its worth it to ask for too much, and risk getting nothing and losing legal costs vs asking for too little, and getting something.

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