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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce May 4, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    No one can do a better job than William Merritt


    if you believe that, vote yes for the proxie

    I bet there are 1,000 people in the world, who could take over this company, and do a better job,

    I also think that even if they replaced merritt with a moron, the stock would still go up, because they at least realize and care that there is a problem

    2% of 4g/lte signed in 4 years

    horrible agreements with spreadtrum and apple

    more and more companies in court

    several companies in arbitration

    cash burn starting to accelerate

    why is that ?

    primarily because when idcc wants an agreement, its to reward management

    we need a leader with some vision

    we need a leader who will sign agreements that are good for the company

    we need a leader who stops making promises, and starts delivering

    we need a leader who will stop being used by the likes of barclays

    we need a leader who will stop listening to the "get nokia" freaks

    we need a leader who wants to do what idcc promised in the standards committees, and start licensing on terms that are fair and create value for our customers

    we need a leader who doesnt believe everything the lawyers say.

    we need a new leader

    for if this leader is good, then maybe the patents aren't worth what we think

    we've already been told that 4 months ago.

    yeah, maybe its not merritt. maybe the patents have been over hyped.

    but who told us 800 mil in 5 years ?

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    • That's right, they need a negotiator, dealmaker and salesman, not a lawyer whose primary interest is accumulating patents as an end in itself.

      The Apple contract is the killer. It locked in IDCC for seven years for peanuts. But the good news is the Apple contract does have an end in sight. At the start of the strategic review in July 2011, the end was 36 months away. Now it is only 26 months away.

      Also, Google was recently quoted as saying the Google/MMI acquisition will go through by the end of July 2012. This will free up Google to go after acquiring IDCC.

      Once one of the big players makes a bid on IDCC, then we'll witness a bidding war and/or auction. If IDCC handles this well we may see a situation similar to the Microsoft acquisition for $1.1 billion of the AOL patents.

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