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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce May 31, 2012 4:37 PM Flag

    paulson, idcc will tell you everything you want at the meeting


    yes, everything you want to hear, will be spewed at the annual shareholders meeting

    like a farmer, spreading manure on his field

    but with 20 years of ciphering promises, hype, expectations, hope, success, failure, and incompetance, there is simply no valid reason to believe everything they say.

    based on past performance, its possible only 50%, or less, will come true.


    that also requires at least one court victory.

    something idcc stinks at

    i'm hoping, for your sake, that when you bought more shares, you just dollar costed your original investment, and it wasnt anything they hyped to you, that made you buy in more

    but i also hope that at least something will come true.

    something much more meaningful than buying back shares

    i'm not the smartest guy, but i don't worship this stock, and when i hear a promise, and its not kept, i remember. and when i hear many many promises, and many many many of them arent kept, well i remember that too.

    it would be interesting, paulson, if you could add up the promises they said since you've been an investor, and counted how many came true, and how many didnt.

    its been a while now

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