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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Feb 21, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    First good question on conference call, since an analyst/shareholder begged IDCC to pay a dividend.


    Years ago.
    Someone actually asked about the 2nd major patent sale.
    The answer was something like "we know the value of the patents, and are in no hurry".
    For idealists and worshippers, that means "don' t worry, everything will be alright"
    For realists, that means "we havent found a buyer yet. no one wants what we are asking"
    which is the same answer for samsung, lg, nokia, huawei, qualcomm, and any other siginificant company.
    There was some good in the report. The 25 mil or so from back royalties. From earlier 4g signings, we had less than 5 million in back payemnts, probably from sierra wireless. This was either an indciation the patents are that potent, or that sierra is only a small fish.
    the 25 million is encouring. its probably from blackberry. i am not sure when they went 4g, but tis been a while. 25 mil is good, since blackberry is only a fraction of what it used to be. BUT MOSTLY, IT SHOWS WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO BACK PAYMENTS FROM APPLE, EVEN WHILE THEIR 3G CONTRACT IS STILL IN FORCE. THAT WILL BE SIGNIFICANT, IF WE EVER COLLECT.
    47 TO 48 MIL 1ST QUARTER REVS. certainly better with blackberry, but still lower than every quarter for the last 4 years.
    No one asked if the ITC will be able to ban nokia or anyone elses phones, given the FTC ruling with google and microsoft.
    when lg ended, and rimm and samsung were set to expire, i warned that idcc would have to reduce head count. and idcc proudly covered their ealry retirement program. while that is the best way to reduce head count, in code, it measn that idcc doesn't expect any significant sigings any time soon.
    and a 4g itc ruling has been pushed back to june of 2014.
    many of us will need depends before we get a dime from the big boys.
    hope you are all in your 20's.
    paulson is back to 3 million shares.
    Firste pacific llc has quite a few now.
    and blackrock is in.
    these guys filed sec forms early february, like they were expecting soemthing to happen.
    Lastly, i know many of you worship merritt and clontz. but once again, i have an issue.
    the blackberry, the m2m agreement, the sony deal, were all announced in january.
    yet, per the conf call, and per the earnings report, these deals were signed in the 4th quarter of last year.
    isnt there a rule about timely reporting ?
    inst it nice, that when stock awards come out in mid january, the announcement of these deals may have been delayed to keep the price propped up.
    to be fair, there has been some insider buying.
    but its mostly shares that have been given to them , at zero cost.
    I long for the day, when a company gave options or shares, at the current price per share, and not for free. Then the management would only make money, if the stock price went up.
    But how can you expect them to do that, when they know the real good stuff won't happen till june of next year, at the earliest.

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