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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Mar 22, 2013 3:18 PM Flag

    Apple and android already have their own thumb recognition. Who's left to license bio-key ? Blackberry ?


    There was a recent article telling us how apple is getting into thumbprint recognition for phone security. It also said how the android system had its own technology. It also mentioned how mighty idcc inked a deal with mighty bio-key. So if the major players already have their technology, who is left for us. Blackberry ? Sierrra wireless ? yeah, the big boys. what happens if bio-keys technology requires different glass on the phone than apples or androids ? what if our technology isnt compatable ? do you think there's any fregan chance of nokia, huawei, or samsung signing with us ? they wont sign with us, with 3g and 4g standing between us. bio-key sounds impressive. but to me, it sounds like the poor mans version, or the loser version. thats what happens when you can't get along, and sign agreements with the big boys. and you can thank full value for that. this is just one example of hundreds of ideas and opportunities that pass idcc by, due to their incredulous greed.and stupidity.

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    • If Authentec was a target, that makes BIO-Key and any collaborators who develop similar technology with or without bio-key also a target. If not by apple, then by competitors. Bio-Key was a longterm partner with authentec in developing these technologies. IDCC joining forces with Bio-Key to put its engineers to work on further development in this arena cannot be viewed as anything but positive - except by a disgruntled IDCC-basher and NOK long.

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