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  • cynicoptimist cynicoptimist Oct 9, 2010 10:39 PM Flag

    Would Yahoo buy Yippy?

    What happens when Yippy revenues are up? If Yippy's popularity increases?

    Could be that the stock moves back above $1. If bigger things happen... the sky is the limit.

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    • I saw a chart for yahoo just minutes ago,dont know if it is for today or yesterday,but it had a major downward channel and a slight reboud to the up side,right now there could be a correction going on there,??? May be a good entry point ,but I don't follow yahoo so I don't really know what to think about that.
      This yipi must be an i[po cause I couldnt find any historical data for pps ,when did they come on the market ,anyone know ??? I would appreciate any heads up on this stock,looks interesting,I want to open a position,but don't really have a reason to yet. help! Jim

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      • Yippy bought clusty (or whatever the name is) back in 2010, that is when the Yippy (YIPI.) got put into the market.

        So they are fairly new. Clusty was known to be fairly good, and Yippy had aquired it and implemented other services as well.

        The CEO seems to be in good standing (no scam related information on the IE for him), and as well as the company itself for that matter hahaaha.

        Anyways im buying tomorrow. Ill lose sleep but wish me luck.

    • yea i just read up on that lawsuit. Still hasnt been settled. Wondering what will happen in terms of that. Im quite interested to see where this goes.

      I think this just makes things more complicated :P

    • That would never happen - Yippy is a crappy search engine that has a political agenda. It's almost like the CEO just wanted to tell his friends that he was advertising on Fox News, Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto. Instead they should have focused on building a better search engine.

      Need proof - Just do a search for sun or moon and see the terrible results - This stock is doomed, run away as fast as you can and dont look back

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