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  • patrickj372001 patrickj372001 Feb 8, 2011 11:55 AM Flag

    What is 'Cloud Computing'.....

    and why do I want it?

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    • Cloud computing is a broad term. It can be said to be the ability for you to store your data on a server that is acesable anywhere you are, provided you have a internet connection. It can also be for an outside source to process data for you instead of your personal computer.

      You must however keep in mind, there are many contenders that already offer Cloud computing capabilities and that Yipi is not the first.

      Here is a list of current people that have some sort of coud computing:
      --OnLive gaming - these guys are up to providing a new generation of gaming. the gaming industry is ripe for this technology. Basically they process your games at their servers and all you need is a screen and internet.
      --Microsoft - these guys are really adopting the cloud, and if MS does it usually many follow. Basically they have started cloud computing with emails, Marketplaces - mostly with storing information online to have it accesable anywhere, anytime

      Yipi is a very curious company, As all New born tech companies. We will have to see where it goes. As it is fairly new.

    • I did some research and I answered my own question. YIPI doesn't seem to be a contender in the cloud computing arena but who knows where it'll go...

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