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  • mikejones2323 Sep 12, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    Lets keep the facts on the table.Enough jibberish posted here!

    Its funny actually.We have a sour shareholder who didnt make a good trade and an ex employee that has to bash here as there are no moderators.Lets look at the FACTS on the table here.Starting from the beginning or even starting from IBM buying out Vivismo.Vivismo had over 5m shares of YIPI now with IBM buying them who owns the shares now? Now lets go from the OTCQX uplist to where this is now and the steps taken to get to this point.Sure us holders that have been holding and adding for sometime arent happy about pps being down here while we wait for things to be said and done.Its a major plus the company isnt putting out fluff that would definitely make the strong/bigger holders say bye.We have a few people here on this board that are blinded by their emotions and past experiences here.Hence few of you here bashing.When keeping in mind this stock was as low as .12 months back before things began to happen and OTCQX listing.Some people have made alot of money and lots of us are down now since the price is where it is.BUT keep in mind again this has came a longg way from where it was last summer or summer before that.Now that the company is making real deal moves some people,ie haters,people who lost,exemployees,etc find the best way to make themselves feel better by spewing absolute garbage on the message boards.I am happy and looking forward to seeing what the companies next moves are.Not hard to see certain people will always bash and when the stock moves up they go back under their rocks in their holes.So say what you will bashers/haters but the FACTS will and are speaking for themselves!

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