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  • flyingfishroe flyingfishroe Oct 1, 2013 2:12 AM Flag

    Huge yipi up-date post is up at Ihub.

    Read Ihub message board post #28197. YIpi will be the stock of the year!

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    • up.up.

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      • It depends on buyers. uptrend pattern continues when buyers and sellers buy and sell only at ask. if buyers try to buy at bid on a uptrending stock they harm and block the up-trend pattern as well as growth of their own investment. today it could have crossed 50 but went back to 35 because of those bid buying investors. today it was bid buyers who controled the EOD PPS not seller. problem is they never learn and 2morrow they will reappear again.

    • BIG Group YIPI Update:

      Folks let me start by saying that those of you that have been with me from day 1 know that I rarely post on ihub. I refuse to play the games there as the vast majority of posters there are shady and cannot be trusted. When I do post, a great deal know me but many others don't then you get put in a class of "pumpers" or you have to deal with fools. I choose to do most of my interaction in this forum and it appears to be working as a result of the ever growing following. I'm off the soap box now:)

      Over the past few days I have had several interactions with the CEO of Yippy Rich Granville. I emailed Rich with a series of questions relative to when to expect financials, etc. he conveyed to me via email that they should be released by this Friday latest.

      This afternoon Rich called me as he wanted to talk further and share additional business happenings, etc. First a little background on Rich. He is relatively young (44) and we share similar business backgrounds. He to was an executive at a fortune 100 company responsible for analyzing start up companies before leaving and putting all his wealth on the line to start Yippy. He also shares that his wife and father have nearly all of their 401K's in Yippy stock (70%) and Rich himself poured everything into it and takes no salary from the business. He told me that his pay day will come when he sells the business. I believe him to be very genuine and motivated.

      In terms of true available float. We talked this at length. On paper the non restricted float is a bit over 8MM. 2MM of those shares are "restricted" per say meaning they cannot be traded over the next year. There are also 4 large holders that own a combined 3MM shares and have not traded one share sense inception. He also knows that these individuals will not until the company is bought out. I talked to him about the tally we have done and very conservatively came to approx another 2MM shares in investors hands. Now reality is with those shar

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