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  • gbmrn gbmrn Oct 28, 2013 12:07 PM Flag

    opportunity opportunity

    they are going to close buy out deal for their technology with Fotune 100 company. It can go up ten fold and higher overnight - and rumor is- it is expected to happen soon

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    • What crystal ball are you living inside of? Tell us how and why this will happen. Don't just post foolish nonsense!!

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      • that is funny you silly
        how many time you knew apple will go from 15 to 500 or google will go from 40 to 1000 no one had crystal ball even apple or google. but it happened with time as company delivered, YIPI doing the same thing with time - go read and see what company ceo and others in close contact saying. guess what people like you will always live with fact that you wont explore but want a crystalball and when you will see your fate is written in that ball saying- your fate will crumble and you will say oh yes your fate crumbled and your $1000 became $1 because it was in your crystal ball. your are that kind of investor - go keep your $1000 in a bank and never visit again to a stock massage board you silly - otherwise your $1000 will become $1 - by the time you will see things in your crystalball you are too late. now go do stuff to yourself in your darkroom in front of your crystal ball

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