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  • TECHNICIUM TECHNICIUM Oct 9, 2002 8:34 AM Flag

    help from our basher... understanding the low share price. Here's one of the quotes he worked so hard to find:
    "For what it's worth...the doc I'm seeing told me not to even consider
    thymosin. The trials he has conducted, both oral & IV showed no greater
    positive results than placebo. He said they believe thymosin never even
    makes it into serum taken orally."

    If the dismissiveness ("don't even consider") and ignorance ("serum taken orally") of the doctor who allegedly said this is the general medical consensus amongst practitioners (a dangerous assumption from only one data point), then not that many doctors really expect much from Zadaxin. Maybe they equate thymosin alpha 1 with the other thymus preparations that have failed to show a clinical benefit in the past. This would be manifest as a general sense of disrespect in the general medical community (as opposed to the clinical trial community of doctors). Analsyts are not medical specialists even if they cover biotech, so they would tend to go with the prevailing winds, so to speak, since they themselves don't have an equivalent medical knowledge.
    Just a thought (at 5:30AM!). Tc

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