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  • lov2invest lov2invest Apr 24, 2003 3:00 PM Flag

    Zadaxin being used for SARS

    They clearly stated that Zadaxin is being used in China for SARS. It will be interesting to see the data when it becomes available. If it proves effective you'll be hearing about the company on CNN, Dateline, CNBC, etc..

    I also liked the fact that they are being inundated with people wanting to participate in the US PIII HCV trial. It sounds like they're spending their time screening the patients carefully.

    Sellers also indicated that he feels very comfortable with the data we'll see in June regarding Japan HBV PIII.

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    • Well, I am probably wrong, but I think you have to think about how the Chinese would have treated an outbreak of something that looked like pneumonia. They tend to use herbals and immune stimulators. In the US our system would use IV antibiotics immediately just in case it was c. or m. pneumonia. I figure we have had many cases of SARS in the US already, but when the severe cases turned up in a hospital we did our "thing." There was a mention a couple weeks ago that the Chinese thought it was a corona virus along with c. pneumonia, perhaps a mutated c. pneumonia. If this is so, I doubt it would be detected. Often c. pneumonia, especially a new strain might not be detected unless a PCR was done. And now no one is looking for it. It's kind of like the situation you have with AIDS. One gets infected with HIV but dies of some secondary infection. I am not betting on my hunch, just talking or typing.

    • a super killer virus. now young healthy people are succumbing to it. not older or already ill people.

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