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  • sclnplunger sclnplunger Jul 23, 2004 3:06 PM Flag

    Price objective reached...

    I am proud of my call when SCLN was $9 plus and all the diehard fools were blindsided. Snogreen and his dumbass followers are now in the poorhouse. IMHO, Z is a big joke and will never be approved for whatever indications they might conjure upon.

    Next price objective is $1.25 and you better believe it. My track record speaks for itself.

    The plunger knows........

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      The plunger knows.

    • There are small biotech stocks in which bad data comes out and they plunge to these levels or to say 1.50, such as Alteon did awhile back.

      Then again biotech stocks can gain new life at these levels on good news alone....and even if it's mostly speculative.

      Now if 9 was the time to sell SCLN, I would have to deduce that the 3's are not. While I would not advocate 'catching a falling knife,' I think it is a bit late to apply that one here. If it does fall to 2 bucks even, I would not think you would have to suffer for too much longer, as good news hopefully will be known in a year or so.

      For a biotech this close to ending phase III(relatively speaking), this company is way too cheap....imo. So, I am not all that worried about a further price fall...because when good news does come, it just has rise that much higher like a rocket.(excuse the near to the moon analogy) :)

      Good luck to all longs!

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    • Doc, to follow your three month comparison using my list(MEDX, ABGX, SCLN & CELG):,abgx,celg

      six month performance comparison:,abgx,celg

    • Just looking at some old favs that I used to play around with to compare with the performance of SCLN's stock price: MEDX; ABGX; and CELG.

      The opnly stock of the four whose pattern is different and where it was in 2001 is Celgene. The other three stock prices trace out an ugly tale.

      What is different about Celgene is that they have growing sales and a growing profit picture.

      The other three, including SCLN, have promising drug(s) in the pipeline as well as cash to conduct further trials.

      I think that this admittedly simplistic comparison tell us that biotech stocks need real, continuing and growing sales from products before the stock is going to take off. Potential is not enough. That is the way in biotech investing. You have to get in low, real low, and wait to the profits and grwoth comes, or until the stock gets bought out.

    • Sclnplunger, since you posted seriously I am happy to answer you seriously. When you say stock is worth $1.25 you are saying it is worth cash value (in other words, zero value of the company's products). I know what you are trying to do--instill doubt in holders that the lead product even works. I look at it from the other direction, the product works and is seriously undervalued by the market at present. Yes, you were right about the last 6 months--a continual downward drift in biotech market really punished small companies like SCLN whose definitive trials have not yet been completed. Does that make your analysis of SCLN valid? Well, for the past 6 months, yes, but in the longer term, no. Just about every small biopharmaceutical stock I look at has tanked...some of those companies will turn out to be worthless, others will thrive once the bear market in biotech ends (and it will). The key factor to consider is what the fundamentals of this company really are. The stock price has sunk so far that the company's total valuation is about $110M plus cash on hand. If you think that makes this company overvalued then you are letting your recent success at predicting stock price fall go to your head. Cover now and take your profit (if you have a short position) or watch and learn as this company regains its footing. In a down market, miscalculations like Sellers apparently made in Japan are severely punished. In the end, if Hep C data is favorable, the stock price will be a lot higher than it is today. Take your choice, but no stock goes up or down forever. The past year has been miserable--I do indeed have a huge paper loss, but I see no reason to sell at this valuation. Investing in biotech is not for the faint of heart. I am not happy about where the stock sits but I will once again say about your posts that nobody wants to listen to you boast and brag about how smart you are (were). Learn a little humility. When I have been right about my short positions I have never posted and bragged on message boards. It doesn't give me pleasure to do that. After all, in the end this is a product that is going to help a lot of people. Timing is everything, and the biggest mistake longs have made here, IMO, is that we have been too early. You and your short cadre can go out and party now, but personally I am here to stay and wait for the P3 study results. They will be announced, where will you be then?

    • >>>I am sure that you have no real intentions to mislead others, but your forever bullish postings while SCLN is free-falling are the reflections of one stubborn long who argues with the market and loses. Open your eyes and examine the fundamentals of SCLN objectively and I hope you'll see the lights.<<<
      You aimed that at westcoast, not me, but I'll bite anyway. Are you seriously suggesting that SCLN will be selling at or near cash value with its pivotal phase 3 trial for a more than a billion dollar market scheduled to finish treatment in ~15 months? You say to examine the fundamentals objectively. Please share with us your interpretation of the fundamentals that leads you to conclude that 1.25 is an inevitability. If you are just making a chart read, well, charts are useful but they are far from all-knowing. Tc

    • "Your next call is $1.25--I'll see you at $8.00 before we ever approach $1.25!! "

      I noticed that your post has 9 recommendations which tells me that there are more losers onboard than you think. I am sure that you have no real intentions to mislead others, but your forever bullish postings while SCLN is free-falling are the reflections of one stubborn long who argues with the market and loses. Open your eyes and examine the fundamentals of SCLN objectively and I hope you'll see the lights. I know you since the SCIO days and please don't throw all the SCIO profits away......

      The plunger knows.

      PS. I am sure that "Nobody wants to listen to your boasting and bragging about how smart you were." Really?

    • Sclnplunger, I'll grant you this much, your call at the time was correct regarding stock dropping. Of course, you could have made that call on almost any small-cap medical or pharmaceutical stock at the time and you would have turned out to be right, because they are almost all down, some more so than SCLN. Timing is everything. I also don't have anything against someone being short, as I will short medical stocks, too. My BSX short has performed better than my long positions of late. However, it's your attiude that really sucks. Nobody wants to listen to your boasting and bragging about how smart you were. Face it, we're all just as smart as our last trade. A little humility wouldn't hurt your posts. Your next call is $1.25--I'll see you at $8.00 before we ever approach $1.25!!

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