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  • snogreen snogreen Aug 27, 2004 5:14 PM Flag

    I'm stubborn, rdvirus

    How's that for an admission! I am real stubborn...rdvirus. You know more about TA-1 and Zadaxin than I ever will....but know what? I just cannot believe that natural TA-1 will ever be a real threat to synthetic Zadaxin...which SCLN has some kinds of patents on.

    I just cannot imagine the FDA embracing a TA-1 that comes from animal/calves glands...when there is a safer, more effective, cheaper synthetic. I harp on it...but I don't know where a huge supply of calves thymus will come from......I foresee the FDA having a FIELD day with huge "bio equivilance" issues in regards to thousands of animal organs coming in......I see a real issue that (imo) the majority of cattle and cows are injected with antibiotics, hormones and lord knows what else.. I cannot imagine the FDA turning a blind eye to that issue....who is going to test the glands? What slaughter house is set up to FDA standards ? What drug plant could accept that many organs, and meet all GMP/clean room regulations? I don't buy it... also because Europeans have BANNED any U.S. beef...too many hormones and antibiotics...and drugs.......I don't buy it because the E.U. has banned thymus gland things because of mad cow disease (BSE)

    You can call my position "simple"...but they are not. The hurdles to get FDA blessing on animal thymus organ derived the safe, stable, large and CONSISTENT quality...with the FDA breathing down your neck every step of the way??? get it in the amounts a price that insurance companies and governments will PAY for.....when there is a cheaper and better synthetic Zadaxin (remember, SCLN is angling for Japan, U.S. and companies and governments will pay for Zadaxin by and large).

    Well, call me simple..I just don't buy it.

    Further? I believe Japan also has banned beef from Europe and the U.S. because of hormones drugs and BSE. I would also bet that Japan has banned thymus derived cow drugs....just like the E.U. did ....because of BSE. So, right of the bat, you have lost TWO of the three major markets there is for TA-1. But wide open to synthetic zadaxin.

    so, with due respect, rdvirus.I don't buy the natural TA-1 as a threat for LARGE SCALE usage, supply and manufacture of natural TA-1...against a better, safer, cheaper and patented Zadaxin. There is a big difference beyween small commercial labs making natural TA-1...and enough to supply possible million of people over the years.

    Lastly....there is SCLN. I think SCLN could make a HELLUVA stink with the FDA highlighting ALL the negatives and risks of animal organ drugs. It may be a stab in the back...but companies do it all the time. All is fair in love, war and business. Schering Plough tried to stab Roche a number of ways over Pegasys (i heard). I think the FDA would listen and eventually side with synthetic Zadaxin for widespread human use.

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    • 189,000 @ $4.28
      Yes, It could be a glitch. After the glitch and the compensation for it, We are stll going higher, Just Hope it holds. We need a little positive excitement

    • 183,000 @ $4.20

    • My god, you are truly a blythering idiot. You must live way way down there below the mason dixon line to be that stupid.

    • that could depend on various factors to include how long its been since the drug was approved here in the U.S.(generic that is) when a generic is newly approved, the generic company (mylan for example)will set the price not too much lower than the brand price, say 20 to 30 % less so that they can obtain as much profits as possible before they lose their 6 to 12 month exclusivity set by the FDA, before other generic manuf. can jump in, and they do like sharks! Even brand name companies are marketing the brand as a generic after its brand loses its patent to recoup as much profit as it can. (mylan was suing to prevent this - but I believe they temporarily withdrew this lawsuit yesterday).

      Of course, prices will be lower in overseas or poorer markets, just like I could buy more of a house here in the south than in California. But just like a lot of people are mad at Bill Gates and the money his company makes off of their software, they set the price of it up to a point that people will pay, as demand sets the price...

      but of course, drug companies can write off giving drugs to third world economies, those nearing expiration, or not selling well here in the states as well. The big money is made in the better economies, the same ones that have the best research and development too. I have also heard that alot of drug reps give away lots of drugs to MD's offices and it might be better allocated to give those to more people that cannot afford it...?


    • This fits better. I am now very interested to know about your clinical experience with a low dose of Ta1.
      When did you start to treat SARS, early or late, with or without steroids/ribavirin?
      I took Zadaxin myself as a SARS prophylaxis in the peak time when I traveled to asia.

    • poster1one. I replied to your e-mail and it was returned. This is the error message that comes back to me. I added the asteriks.
      "r********>: mail for m********* loops back to myself"

    • $400 USD is expensive..............especially by Canadian standards!!!!!!! I have nothing against Canada, I buy all my drugs from there, but I do so because they are less expensive. I can make my own Go# Da%n TA-1 for less than that!

    • IT should have read, 600 micrograms, not 60, I thought there were two zeroes there.

      By the way, the zadaxin doses I gave used to be 800 micrograms.

      I have also since gone to the pharmacy and checked the label.

      600 micrograms
      ingredients: thymosin alpha 1 from calf thymus

      Manufactured in the United States of America
      Mitsubishi Chemical America

      It's a white box with a small bluish bottle. Prepare and inject.

    • To make my point more clear: This mixed thymic extract (thymophysin germany) is sold for 71.75 Euro a vial = 87.50 USD.
      The "canadian Ta1" sounds to be the same.
      Extracts contain myelosuppressive beta-thymosins, so the net activity is not anymore a Ta1 activity, but something else. Don't put it in the same pot with Zadaxin. Trial results obtained with Zadaxin simply do not apply for extracts.

    • Thank you again! This information about a vial containing 60 micrograms was MOST interesting, because it is DIFFERENT from Zadaxin, which is 1.6 milligrams, that is 1600 micrograms, thus 26 times more of Ta1.
      Any 100% pure Ta1 would be in the same dosage as in published literature.
      Perhaps you meant 60 milligrams, if so it would be a standard thymus extract dosage with a certain % of Ta1.
      Again more questions than answers. Really interesting.

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