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  • sisnipian sisnipian Aug 13, 2005 5:21 PM Flag

    another chemical weapons factory found!

    Iraq has again been found to be the epicenter for worldwide terrorism.Fortunately we have a leader with backbone enough to ignore the political risks and have the longterm vision to see the job through.the world will eventually be a better place! pseudo intellectuals need not respond.

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    • SciClone needs to get someone else besides Roche as a potential partner--Roche is slimy, and we won't get what we're worth if only one company is interested enough to pursue partnership talks. Fortunately, if the melanoma data is as good as the Cavazza buying suggests it will be, Zadaxin will suddenly be much more interesting to big pharmas and we won't be stuck with Roche. Tc

    • mjmfrompa, thank are completely right. Sciclone should NOT even think about partnering now for a thousand reasons. Let the story play out then watch the $$$$$$$$ on the table

      mjmfrompa, you are a voice of reason on this board...thank you.

    • probably sometime before data from phase III is released for HCV U.S. maybe in March/April and partner will be Roche....imo. If Roche misses the boat or does not want it, maybe Pfizer or Merck or even Novartis....imo.


    • MIKE, i know its speculation, but when do u think they might partner, and who do u think it will be?
      all the best

    • <<Iraq has again been found to be the epicenter for worldwide terrorism.>>

      It wasn't until we invaded. Now it is. We created another Afganistan. The longer we stay, the more terrorists we'll create. The more we alienate the ENTIRE Muslim world by killing innocent woman and children--which they've seen on TV and which we don't see or even hear about on corporate media--the more terrorists we'll be creating.

      You are too blind by your ignorance and bias to be logical or even ethical.

      Fortunately, the American people are finally waking up. But it's been far too long to have let this immense tragedy continue, for the world and for us. It has ruined our economy, our military, our political culture, or freedom, and our humanity. We have waged a genocidal, cultural, and ecological war on the heart of the biblical world. It will have horrible repercussions for many years to come.

      People like you are such a menace to all life. It's amazing to me how mindless and inhumane some humans can be.

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