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  • seemiketalk seemiketalk Oct 20, 2005 7:00 PM Flag

    please republicans please

    "it doesnt help the situation that it is very possible Bush will be impeached and Cheny for conspiring with carl rove and the staff to commit a traitorous act of punishing a u.s. spy by exposing them...."

    OK SSK, I was starting to like, and how I hate to respond to a political post, but did not Carl Rove just 'confirm' that info, and not originally start as the source, and I doubt that the President or VP knew anything about it, and both would hate to rush to get rid of someone they value very highly over a possible exposure of an operative that was not even involved in anything covert lately, right?

    I know a little about that, as I once held a lower level 'secret' clearance in the USMC, and just as important as she was(maybe moreso)...imo.


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    • I also hate to respond to political posts. However, when you justify outing a CIA agent on the grounds that the operative, "was not even involved in anyting covert lately...", you justify putting CIA agents lives at risk for political purposes. Perhaps the contacts of this agent, who was not even involved in anything covert lately, will be found dead floating down a river in some foriegn county. We wouldn't want to get rid of some political friend and helper of the President over something as minor as that, right? Of course the President didn't have any knowledge that the United States of America was torturing prisoners or that his little helper outed a CIA agent for political purposes, right? The buck stops at the lowest level at which there is plausable deniability, right?

      The problem with this line of reasoning is that it undermines the very rule of law that has been a major reason why this is the greatest and most powerful country in the world!

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      • ok, last post on this topic; not saying that is right to expose an agent if it was Rove or whomever; all I was saying was that maybe they thought she was a desk clerk and confirmed that she was there at the CIA, kinda like someone saying about me quite a few years back, "yeah he thinks he is a tough Jarhead."(being sarcastic)possibly out of jealously of course.

        However, it is my opinion that it is our free press that bears alot of the bad decision making in reporting such possible infractions by our US Military such as that Abu Grahb prison abuse; again, it was not right, but what if after its release, that news got someone's son/daughter killed?

        Just think that some things should be kept secret, even slick willy's sexual involvement with that yucky It kinda makes our country look bad to have that out in the open, no matter who the president is...imo.


    • chris matthews had the report tonight....the entire bush team was on air force 1 when powell delivered the information.....someone will plea bargain to stay out of jail unless there is a is all coming out..Im not happy about any of this....someone will be taking a fall or more than someone....the reason is the intent was bad abd it is an act of treason to uncover a spy...its a real shame.... im going to try to sleep off this worry. its not helping the market as a whole or the is becooming clearer every day the bush is doomed....never should have jailed a member of the free press....

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