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  • sunshinekathy34 sunshinekathy34 Oct 20, 2005 10:30 PM Flag

    please republicans please

    chris matthews had the report tonight....the entire bush team was on air force 1 when powell delivered the information.....someone will plea bargain to stay out of jail unless there is a is all coming out..Im not happy about any of this....someone will be taking a fall or more than someone....the reason is the intent was bad abd it is an act of treason to uncover a spy...its a real shame.... im going to try to sleep off this worry. its not helping the market as a whole or the is becooming clearer every day the bush is doomed....never should have jailed a member of the free press....

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    • the rightwing nuts are coming out of the woodwork.

      Good for you to take a stand. I wish some more good people on this board, who know what's going on, would speak up.

      This involves the country and SCLN. It is not OT.

    • Come on, Sunshine, she wanted to go to jail--she had a book to write. Carl already knew that everybody knew she was a rouse and it was well known she was out of the loop and no longer an operative...As far as Bush not doing anything wrong -why is it the press is trying to make him a crook like Clinton was/is??--and Terry how can you say that Ted Kennedy is a "gasp" a conservative????come on!!

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