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  • pense2 pense2 Nov 24, 2005 12:20 AM Flag

    Why are we here Part II?????

    Within a few months Kirk gets out of a significant amount of SCLN shares, just prior to the creation of his company (NHPH), at a sales value of two dollars above what the SCLN shares fall to within weeks..

    During this period of time the company absolutely lies by omission about what is going on with the Japanese Phase III trials by saying the delay for filing the Japanese NDA is due to the reorganization of the Japanese Drug Approva agency. This was an outright lie, which leads to the departure of Sellers � GOOD RIDDANCE � and a loss of leadership at the company which takes a full year to fill. (Let me ask you as a smart investor: If Sciclone and its lead drug Zadaxin had such great promise and infallibility do you really think it would have taken a full year to find a suitable replacement for Sellers?) I have asked myself why would anyone want to take on the leadership of SCLN? Ira did not do it for the money in the sense of quick, because if he is not successful he won�t get much above what he had at in his prior position. So Ira had to believe in both the company, its drug, and the ability for him to get very rich in the near future. (However, I always come back to the question that if it was apparent to Ira that the drug, the company, and that he was going to be very, very rich in a short time. why did it take one year to fill the President�s position? To which I must answer that there were candidates that did not believe in the company or its drug and they were not going to get rich in the very near future.)

    I hope that the long�s faith and patience in this company and its drug are justified in the next month. However, given SCLN�s past actions and history we are not out of the woods yet by a long shot, and this is why the shorts and market makers are all over this stock.

    What a gamble. Don�t you love it? I have read this posting for the 2nd time prior to punching the send button and I have am aghast that I am still invested in this stock, and yet I believe in Thymosin Alpha 1 and its ability to help people. Pense

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    • Im really just another very frustrated and then it just boils up....most people are good and try to do the right thing..Papers today make you wonder if Sadaam isnt running for that would put the icing on the cake.

    • Yes. But it's only developed over the last 4-5 years.

    • And what do you think that will do to the "Southern Strategy". You know, all those racist Republican right wing southerner/ex-dixiecrats. If you think they'll vote for a N and a W you're dreaming or are on something.

    • >>>Both you guys are in for a rude awakening. Guiliani won't play in the south, won't play with right wing christian evangelicals.<<<

      I'd vote for Guiliani, even though I am pro-life and one of those right wing Christian evangelicals you so loathe, lngtrm. You're making the common mistake of stereotyping people. The only difference is, you're not using race or ethnicity to base your stereotype on, but religious allegiance. You've got a very black and white viewpoint of us Christians. Tc

    • It's all Condi Rices's if she chooses to take it. First female. First Black. First minority. First black republican. IMO she is a bit more moderate than some think on social issues.

      she runs? That takes it.

    • Both you guys are in for a rude awakening. Guiliani won't play in the south, won't play with right wing christian evangelicals. He's pro abortion, etc., etc.. The far right will kill him either figuratively or if the last resort literally. I'll bet anybody on the site $500 or 1000 that the nominee will be a far, far far right winger. That's who runs the neo-fascist Republican party no matter how much you guys kid yourself. The part of Hate and wer're against anything human, gays, decent health care insurance, abortion, and most of all HEATHEN's define as anybody who doesn't agree with them or you.

      P.S. HRC won't be the nominee. Se's managed not only to piss off all the super phoney patriot Republicans but every left of center Democrat. No matter how much she professes to be super religious and one with moderate Republicans she won't get any "real" Democrats to support her. My guess is Biden(with a really neat combover) against some Pat Robertson clone.

    • Giuliani has baggage called Bernard Kerik as Tasr chief I mean police chief and then had Kerik working in Rudy's consulting firm. Hilary doesn't get near National ticket. How old is Dollar Bill?

      Longterm and SSK thanks for absorbing Red state heat.

    • <<You heard it here first.>>

      LOL - actually, I guess you heard it here second :o)

      Honestly, I didn't see that previous post until I posted mine.

    • Okay, slow day on the board so here's my Republican prediction.

      Cheney will resign 1 or 2 years before '08 and New York's Rudy G. will be appointed V.P.

      For '08 the Presidential contest will be Rudy vs. Hillary in an all New York showdown. You heard it here first.

      Should be fun.

    • In time you will notice how we forget certain things about people----- "now the next sap will have to clean up the mess from either party I don't care just get rid of this alcholic and get the country 2 decent candidates"-----I don't recall that we condemn people for transgressions or maybe we all should look in the mirror 30 years ago...I will not compare our current President with Clinton--a glad and wonderful change from the constant reminder of all of his failings (there were many)...."Maybe its time to get away from the eastern schools."...I really don't agree are disagree with you after all who said a president had to go to a Ivy league school---but it does take money and require a person to be connected.

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