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  • usualsuspect9753 usualsuspect9753 Jan 26, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Momentum behind the stock

    Sinopharm is the largest State owned pharma in China. Part of what they do is insure certain drugs will be available in case of an epidemic, pandemic, or emergency. Sinopharm has agreed to purchase a minimum amount to insure availability. In essence, the government is mainstreaming zadaxin through Sinopharm's massive market share of China, over 20 billion in sales. This should increase sales of zadaxin, Big Time. Sciclone's sales force is now free, (or forced), to market the Novamed line of products. Also, DC bead will be approved very soon. Sales force can concentrate on new products. This is the reason Simon Li is now on board with Sciclone. Huge move for Sciclone.

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    • Oh, I think Sinopharm, like the other distributors, was surprised to discover that they were sold a lot more Zadaxin than what the SciClone sales people were selling to the hospitals and a lot more than they needed. Now with the exclusivity, Sinopharm will be the only buyer of Zadaxin and will only buy as much as the SciClone sales force can prove that it can sell, which appears to be significantly less than what Friedhelm and Gary were hyping to shareholders before the year long channel stuffing activity was revealed in November.

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