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  • thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Mar 26, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    market up 100+ and scln down

    on a bad market day, being part of the Russell scln may break through $4...I hate to say it but all these moves with personnel are leading me to believe there are bigger problems then first thought... this sec/doj issue still not being resolved, Titus leaving, Nova med group outed, ST selling over 6 mil shares, cut in price on Z, the massive increase in sales force yet a cut in forecast for 2012 revenue from initial est., you get the pic... not a good buying op here at this time... not to mention all the hit and run options the board awarded each other, that took away a big chunk of earnings, and all this downtrend in share price with a buyback program more than half done...something is really bad here...look out...tomo, looks like your advise on that safe $4.50 share price is about to get tested...

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    • blah, blah, blah. try and explain it any way you like but it all
      boils down to corrupt trading in US securities. It's all a scam.
      So don't act like you know anything, cause you don't.

      And the companies themselves may have a personal agenda.
      So the info they divulge or moves they make may be the means
      to justify the end.

      It's ALL a scam ...imo

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      • He is having that selective memory again, the reason why he gets 'dislikes" is cause people know he is a hack. SCLN is an easy target with a checkered past why would anybody be so bullish on it? Its pure speculation on a China play wow that a few chips the other way and seems to favor the negative in past years so when B7 pats his back( again) people should remember his other calls ( which he dosent include) like Jones Soda & Regenerex or forget to mention the "great" run Solienex (sp) has had but 'forgets" again it was post reverse split.Its a 50/50 game & like most 'gamblers" he only states his 'wins". a bookmakers dream lol

    • sorry you don't like my post but it is the reality of the situation...whether I was holding tens of thousands of shares or none I also posted what the market dictated not what I wanted to hear...I know this isn't what you want to hear but you should respect the info...I have followed this stock for many years...we may test a 52 week low as mm's will hammer it on bad sec news to get it down far enough to make it more profitable on the next move up..dislike all you want, I was the one buying at under .92 and then selling some at $5.84 and buying again at $2.26 on Bo's chart reading and selling again at over $7 and now sitting out...probably buying again on news or oversold situation on news(close to $3.50)

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