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  • jbthar2 jbthar2 Dec 3, 1998 1:09 PM Flag

    who is selling?

    How can a volume of over 110k today alone sell?
    all you guys are complaining because you bought in at
    $5 or more, who owns all this stock at super low
    prices, and just now waited to sell it? probably nobody,
    so who is taking all these losses? I guess whoever
    is buying it is getting a good price, but somebody
    is losing a hell of a lot of money selling now.

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    • Your subject title startled me. I thought you had
      enough of the company, but was reassured when i saw it
      was only LM2 you were referring to. Personally i have
      decided never to reply to any of his inane posts

      Your last sentence sums it up time wise, but a
      partnering announcement (hopefully 1st qtr) and CPX Phase 2
      results (hopefully 2nd qtr) should move price up.

      As you know the preferreds converting and selling
      plus tax loss(to a lesser extent) are main reasons for
      current level.

      By the way, good luck to the
      Vikings (I assume the MN is for Minnesota) for a Super
      Bowl win. I think their time has arrived.

    • of your negative posts. You ask "why don't they
      post the results of phase II". They will post, when
      studies are complete, and (hopefully)they will
      demonstrate efficacy. In the meantime we get to wait. If you
      are too impatient to wait, then JUST SELL and TAKE
      YOUR TAX LOSS. There are only a few days left before
      the year ends so you better hurry and sell now. My
      point lasermate, is that you have and continue to ONLY
      focus on what you perceive as negative. How about
      posting something positive. Again, if you see nothing
      positive, sell and let the rest of us "losers and fools"
      watch our investment in peace. Then, come and check in
      on us in a year or two and we can all compare our
      hindsight or foresight. Good luck to all.

    • Dec. 21 " Local biotechs take their drugs overseas" by Steve Ginsberg Business Times Staff Writer

      Nice article about SciClone. I still think it is the best speculation in the market!!

    • You are a fool.
      You probably have lost money
      already on SCLN as we all have. Sure, you are angry, but
      the end result will be the same: SCLN will fail. I've
      simply been saying that at the very least the management
      sucks, and most likely they are crooked and are just
      collecting huge salaries on an "empty" company for as long
      as they can.

      Pick other biotechs and look at
      SEC filings on them, in particular form DEF 14A. This
      form reveals management's compensation. Most biotechs
      the size of SCLN show salaries about
      1/2 what SCLN
      has. Check PARS.

      Also check PGNS. The CEO there
      is getting $477,000 but the stock is at $50. By the
      way, I found PGNS today by trying to research cystic
      fibrosis drugs in the hope of locating info on CPX.
      found none. Instead I found an antibiotic marketed by
      PGNS. The claim is that it add about 5 years to the
      life of a cystic fibrosis patient. This sounds pretty
      lame compared to the effect CPX is supposed to have:
      Treating the cause of the disease instead of the symptoms
      like the above antibiotic.

      So where is info on
      CPX in the cystic fibrosis community? How come the
      shitheads running SCLN do not post anything on the web
      stating "encouraging results from phase II" CPX

      SCLN is doomed. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

    • I bought 5,000 shares last week at 1 1/32 and sold today at 1 1/32 buying in SCLN is like buying swamp land it keeps losing value.

    • Lasermate only owns Sciclone. Looks like you have a grassyknoll mentality too.

    • I have 6,500 shares at about $2. About 3000 of
      those on margin.
      So, at this point I really don't
      own anything given the $1 price.

      I'm not
      shorting and have no interest in the competition. Besides,
      what do you think about the people who come here and
      agree with me?

      SCLN management is robbing us.

    • we already have the grassy knoll, it is lasermate's brain, a fertile medium for lunacy.

      say laser, how much glaxo-wellcome stock do you own? Your transparency has never been at a higher level.

    • I think the real money here is for you to sell the story rights to Oliver Stone. All we need is grassy knoll!

    • ...But don't don't think for a moment that they
      will decrease salaries by even as much as $1. They are
      scum of the Earth.

      And they will soon buy a lot
      of stock- Here's why:

      Let's look at Sellers
      and scale the rest of the crowd by salary.
      will soon purchase a "large" ampunt of stock, perhaps
      100,000 shares. He's sly. When such a purchase is
      announced, it will grab attention of more foolish investors
      like us. It would suggest confidence of near future
      profits and an increase in stock price will breathe more
      life into the length of time that SCLN will
      It makes good sense for the insiders to buy, even
      knowing that eventually SCLN will fold. They will buy.

      Look at
      Sellers: He spends $100,000 for 100,000 shares. Everybody
      (except me) says "wow something's up: better buy now
      while it's cheap". Since he steals $500,000 per year
      from us, he'll break even after just a few months of
      extended SCLN existence. Chances are that this ploy would
      add significant time to SCLN. I'd say at least 6
      months, and maybe a whole year. It's easy to see the
      profit for the insiders even with the eventual demise of

      You read it here first.

      P.S. Don't forget the
      tax write-off they will also enjoy when the shares
      are worth zero.

      Merry Christmas

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