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  • Myread Myread Jul 29, 1999 11:55 AM Flag

    We're steady in a volatile market

    and I think that is a good sign. Good Luck to all my fellow investors.

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    • Additional sites of
      reference: (Dr. J.A. Tankersly)
      referenced: (Health and Living) (Health)
      for SCLN being financially deperate, were you reading
      post on this message board several months ago? You are
      right their financing has been taken care of for the
      time being. Seems to me I've recently read post here
      that were concerned about share dilution. Current
      financing by selling shares amounts to nothing more than an
      aspirin remedy and their financial migrain will be back
      because SCLN isn't producing results.

      these shares should be your own decision. The only
      thing that has made this stock move up was a swarm of
      day traders on July 8th.

    • zadaxin is not a vaccine, it's a treatment.


    • for Hepatitis, not a vaccine. There are groups,
      including doctors, fighting vaccinations against Hep B and
      C because the shot is not proven to be safe, and in
      some cases the person is contracting the virus from
      the shot.
      Am I correct, or is Zadaxin given to
      prevent Hep?

    • Well if Bill Boshears from 700AM who has his own
      Web site leads a discussion about resentment towards
      hepatitis vaccines I think we should all sell.

      guess I'm trying to figure out why this is relevant

      Maybe you can elaborate on how this talk
      radio venting will impact the future of treatment for

      Also, financing has been taken care of for the time
      being so I don't think the company is currently
      desperate. However, I would agree it is still a concern
      depending on future sales growth and stock activity.

    • Happening.Did SCLN hepatitis vaccine kill any body.I was reading your post and that gives me the indication that Scln vaccine is involved in some trouble, can you please explain. Thank you

    • BTW who is the richest man on earth, the Sultan of Brunei or Bill Gates? Anyway, the health system should offer free care for everyone, but I'll try to proof it.


    • Make that 4+ million shares reaching $2.50 on July 8th.

    • If you didn't hear the 9 to midnight radio
      program tonight on 700AM radio they bashed the hepatitis
      vaccines very badly. The regular Sunday three hour radio
      show broadcast to 38 States and it is hosted by Bill
      Boshears who also has a web site at Call
      in participants included victims of the vaccine,
      doctors and other prominent people. One area they didn't
      cover was the producers of the hepatitis vaccines. But
      resentment for the vaccine is growing regardless of the 2
      million plus Americans already infected with the disease.
      If you really still believe that SCLN has a future
      in the United States you might think twice. There's
      growing opposition. How will this affect SCLN's stock
      price remains to be seen. Nothing that I know will move
      this stock up except another 13 million share volume
      day spurred by buyout rumors like on June 18th. If
      you believe 1 7/16 is a bottom then your not looking
      at the same chart I am. The associated victims
      posting on this message board are hopeful for miracle
      answers. The stock holders posting here seem to be looking
      for world approval and capital appreciation in its
      stock in a company that is deperate for funding.

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