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  • Myread Myread Oct 12, 1999 4:33 PM Flag

    Anyone know why

    the sudden surge in price in the last 45 minutes. I wonder if it's a fluke of some underlying reason.

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    • <EOM>

    • My fear is exactly what you mentioned in the
      message and I fear it will start today. Only today I
      think you will see it sink more than 1/32. I dearly
      hope I am wrong and hope I have to apologize her but
      that seems to be the way it always was in the past.
      Good luck to all longs today!!!

    • Has anyone heard any rumors or news about a
      partnership? I think news on a partnership would really help
      this stock take off. This is one of the goals the
      company had set out to accomplish by years end. Check out
      one year chart on ENZN. After the company signed a
      deal with Schering Plough in June of 99. Enzn 52 week
      low was 3.62 the high was 35. I visited SCLN in June
      of this year.They truly are a first class company.
      What they have accomplished in the past year is
      remarkable. I think we will be reading more good news on SCLN

    • I don't think it will go down much if any. I
      currently raised my buy order to 1 11/16 from 1 1/2. Though
      I already have made this stock the biggest holdings
      in my portfolio. I'd be quite surprised if this new
      buy order goes through. I'm a true believer that this
      stock will at least see 5 sometime next year. It's also
      hard for me to believe that this stock will slowly and
      painfully sink a 1/16 or 1/32 per day like it did on so
      many previous runups.

    • on_the_dumper_dropping_turds on_the_dumper_dropping_turds Oct 21, 1999 6:15 PM Flag

      of you. Here with you at the end of our first big
      day, I suggest the problem flows from the following,
      "SciClone's lead drug,ZADAXIN,... ." I have been wondering
      about the other drugs since 3/23/99.

      Short of
      me, your Board is free of the ravages of shorts,
      perverts, etc., after all, this is an unshortable stock.
      And even I shall be gone soon.

      SCLN has my
      target price of 2.40 by 2/1/00. This Board would be
      enlivened by a patient/investor from anywhere in the

      An SCLN long, though on a lark.

    • Does anybody else have a bad feeling about
      tomorrow and next week? I really hope I am wrong but I see
      it going back down. Like one other said, "It was
      nice while it lasted". And that was all of 4 or 5
      hours if that. Oh well. Guess we can wait for next
      January. Even I tried to keep it up. Bought more today to
      no avail. Oh how I hope I am wrong though.

    • Although it continues to be frustrating to have
      the stock move back after good news, it is much
      easier to deal with today versus 6 months or a year ago.
      The company is on much more stable ground and is
      starting to be recognized.

      Unless something
      unexpected happens, this company is just about to turn a
      corner. Once the net loss turns into a net profit this
      stock will take off. In the interim, we will need to
      stay positive and wait. The CPX news on Phase II is
      still months away but Zadaxin sales continue to be the
      driving force to profitability and stock

      It is an excellent stock to own as we enter the new
      millennium. The year 2000 will be special for SciClone and
      its shareholders.

    • Would another pharmaceutical company be interested buying SCLN for a drug doing $8MM to $10MM a year? Is there anything else in the pipeline? I'm not criticizing, only looking for answers.

    • We got some pretty good news today folks but the
      stock just doesn't want to go up. This is
      disappointing. This long time "long" is getting too used to this
      typical lack of upside action. However, as usual, I
      remain optimistic. Must wait again. Good luck all.

    • well the short lived run up was fun but i think we are going back down under 2 again i was really hoping to see 5 sometime oh well this thing has got to take off sometime hopefully sooner than later

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