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  • WarEagle86 WarEagle86 Dec 10, 1999 9:34 AM Flag

    new owner

    I bought this stock about a month ago after researching in IBD. Somebody give me some history on the movement of this stock. I am investing for the long term, but it is tempting to take my profit.

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    • Aah, the age old question. The question that
      keeps investors from sleep at night. See if this helps
      any - What was your original "premise" for buying the
      stock? That should tell you what to do. If you are an
      'investor" and did your DD before buying SCLN then you must
      have been impressed by the business case and you
      probably want to hold on (buy more?) and resist your
      tempation to take profits. If your ONLY reason for buying
      the stock was "to make money" (which everyone of
      course wants to do but is really not a "premise") then
      you were probably impressed by the "momentum case"
      and consider yourself a "trader". I am both,
      DEPENDING ON THE STOCK, but you have to answer that
      question for yourself depending on the set of assumption
      you used when you went into the buy. I really like
      this company, I like it's business plan, I like its
      strategy (even though I think it could stand some
      updating), I like its products and their future potential,
      so in this stock I have an "investment outlook" and
      unless something happens to make me change my premise I
      am in for the long haul regardless of market
      fluctuations. If you happen to be a "trader" you do probably do
      want to take profits and see if you can get back in
      lower. If you like the stock but are playing it as a
      trader you have a 50-50 chance of being in or out when
      big news hits and we get a substantial move. If your
      in, you congratulate yourself for being the next
      Warren Buffet. If you are out you kick yourself for not
      better recognizing the long side premise. Been there
      done that! Everybody has opinions but they may be
      using a whole different set of assumptions. Decide
      where you are at. That will tell you what to do. Either
      way good luck!

    • a history on movement is this,, this sucker goes
      up qiuck and holds and will drop has been
      doing this for the past 3 years..
      if you just hold,,
      you will get a chance to pick up some more at the 2
      level.. we should see that with in a few weeks.. well,, i
      hope we do.. cause i want more...

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