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  • StevenGari StevenGari Jan 26, 2000 10:10 AM Flag

    The worst spammer on Yahoo

    is angelfire They show up regularly on every board I post on or just lurk. I encourage everyone to boycott them and even spam them back if you wish.

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    • Does anyone think there is psychological
      resistance at the $10 level or could we be experiencing some
      sort of MM manipulation? I realize it could just be
      market flucuations but be have been bouncing around in
      the same range in a fairly regular pattern for the
      last few days.

      • 2 Replies to StevenGari
      • I think we are seeing a natural resistancce level
        at 10. SCLN has moved up day after day without much
        of a chance for a breather. Some indicators suggest
        that it may be a bit overextended.IMO we are
        experiencing some consoliadion. I think we saw the same thing
        in the 5 area for a few days. To get"over the top"
        the stock needs some good news and/or a good earnings
        report which we should have soon. With either of those
        SCLN should break 10 easily and run up to mid teens
        with a resistence floor forming around the 10 level.

      • I fear deep within the NSA there is a massive
        effort to subvert this stock ruin the company. A faction
        within NSA is concerned about the success in treating
        Hep A & B. They started Hep A & B as a way to curb
        population growth in third world countries.
        Or maybe the
        stock moved from $1.75 to $10 dollars witin 3 months.
        or maybe there has been no new news, no earnings
        get a grip... $10 is great... it'll move

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