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  • mor2danc mor2danc Mar 10, 2000 4:35 PM Flag

    Im pretty new to this game but,

    if you want a little more about how the market
    makers work then you might want to read the link below;
    a lot of the material is geared towards the smaller
    otc:bb stocks but the theories follow for these small
    caps ... if nothing else it's fun

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    • I am a novice investor when it comes to
      individual stocks. I make less than $30k/year, so I value
      every penny. I started with 200 shares of INTV in 10/99
      @ $10/share. I researched the company for a couple
      of months before buying in. INTV had sound
      fundamentals and a product that I believed in. I witnessed the
      MMs drive the price of INTV from around $14 to just
      under $10 during their accumulation phase. This is also
      (coincidentally) when I bought. I then got ride the train up to
      $35.5 when I sold and bought into SCLN (2/25 - 600 @

      I've been following SCLN since late January, and
      bought in for the same reasons as INTV (sound
      fundamentals & belief in the product.) I bought in after the
      dip following the 2/23 news story mentioning the $1B
      in potential yearly sales. I've read every one of
      the 8000+ posts on this board, along with many of the
      links posted. The ATTUNEMENTS link on MMs helped to
      clarify what I witnessed with INTV & now SCLN. Thanks for
      posting this mor2.

      I do however, have a question
      regarding the ATTUNEMENTS article. Rule #4 states: ANY
      THE DISTRIBUTION PHASE. Isn't this what happened last
      week (2/28) when we went from 11.6875 to 16.25 on
      heavy volume? OMNI keeps suggesting that the MMs are
      still accumulating heavily, but that contradicts rule
      #4. I would greatly appreciate any feed back from any
      of the pros here.

      • 3 Replies to megalops_giganticus
      • That article was mostly talking about the
        manipulation of BS stocks that trade in Vancouver, Alberta and
        OTCBB. Sciclone is a completely different

        While I can't prove to you that institutions are still
        accumulating, this fact will be illustrated for all to see in
        the very near future. Quarterly reporting for
        institutional accumulation will occur at the end of March. At
        the end of the last quarter 8% of SCLN stock was held
        by institutions. The number to be reported at the
        end of March will be much higher, unless there is a
        huge price pop between now and then and institutions
        decide to take profits. If this happens, I'm sure you
        accept never knowing the answer to your question in
        exchange for a bank account overflowing with new found

        Who dares, wins!

      • That article about mm's was very good but was
        wrong in more than one aspect. Most of it was on the
        ball but there are no absolutes out there even with
        the mm's. MM's are caught by surprise on many stocks.
        Not as often as you and me but it does happen all the
        time. There are some things that just cant be
        anticipated. This is especially true now with all the
        daytrading and retail investing. All sorts of events can
        catch mm's by surprise no matter what volume a stock
        shows up or down. fda approval, surgical procedure
        killing a patient, food poisening, earthquakes. Please
        use that article to learn about mm's but take it with
        a grain of salt. 1 last thing there is a world of
        difference with an mm who makes the market in an otc/bb
        stock and one that is on the nyse,amex or nasdeq.

        THE DISTRIBUTION PHASE" in the case of SCLN to mean
        huge volume at HIGHER PRICES which will be (imo) near
        the hundred dollar range and then be aware that the
        company plan and fundementals may be calling for a split
        and then you have to look for the HIGHER PRICES range
        once again! THIS STOCK IS STILL DIRT CHEAP in my
        opinion and these are the CHEAP PRICES !!!! hope that
        helps and it looks like you are asking the right
        questions and doing your homework, you are on the right

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