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  • megalops_giganticus megalops_giganticus Mar 21, 2000 1:40 PM Flag

    Are there any investors here?

    Or has Sciclone just attracted a bunch of whining
    traders. Poor yoy almost "blooded" to death after the
    stock price fell to $20. Shorts & bashers are flocking
    to the message boards spreading garbage and picking
    fights. What happened?

    No matter what happens to
    the biotech sector as a whole, SCLN is for real. They
    are a real company with a real product that should be
    earning $.46/share by 12/2001. Factor in potential
    earnings for 2002-2004 (possibly $1B/year,) & they should
    be looking at a realistic PE of 150 - 200. This puts
    the stock at the $70 - $90 range based on Zadaxin
    sales (in already approved countries) alone.

    long as all news is good, there is absolutely no
    reason to sell. I don't know about the rest of you, but
    $70/share by 12/2001 sure sounds good to me! My personal
    goal is 100% return per year. I only buy a stock if I
    truly believe it will give me this kind of return at a
    minimum. $3,000 turns into $3M in 10 years at 100% return
    per year. Do the math.

    Does anyone here really
    believe that this stock won't be trading above $30/share
    by next year at this time? If not, please sell your
    shares now.

    Thanks again to mor2 for the
    wonderful website, samusaf & omni for the trading lessons,
    & to all the other 'real' longs out there for
    supporting a good company that is saving lives. You will be
    rewarded in due time!

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    • Sorry slyder, this market has me a bit dense.

    • when SCLN went UP to 5 not too too long ago
      everone was whooping and patting each other on the back.
      We were proud as punch as it climbed 6,7,8 9 and
      made a couple of runs at 10 and then LEAPED into the
      teens. I think we were all amazed at our good fortune. I
      know that a lot of folks bought in recently on the
      high side betting that it would go to 100 in no time
      flat, but that was not really an investment they were
      making, it was a looongshot gamble and for now they lost
      the bet. In time if they stay long they will happily
      recover. The rest of us who got in in the 1's, be like me
      - damn happy to be invested in a great company no
      matter what the stock market is doing short term.
      Cheers, RRRick

    • But SANDY does have a valid point. I bought this
      at 17 while it was moving up. I never expected this!
      I did my DD on the company, and based on the way
      biotechs were performing, SCLN looked like a screaming
      undiscovered jewel. Many things have changed, none of them
      with SCLN, but with the market in general. At this
      point I do not think I will sell any shares, but it
      doesnt hurt to consider other options.

    • I don't recall using the word LONG anywhere. If I
      did it was just to identify myself as a non-short
      postion holder. I dont believe in being LONG on any
      stock. I'm in this to make money, not to prove
      endurance!!! I do own a position in SCLN. I recall saying I
      need 15 1/4 to break even. At that point (if it comes)
      I will decide my next course of action. For now I
      am willing to wait a few more days. I will cut my
      losses at 9 without question if it comes to that. Oh yes
      I remember what I was going to say, who the hell
      asked for your opinion anyway???????

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