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  • sman770 sman770 Jul 9, 2000 9:13 AM Flag

    Doctors,Patients--Where are You????

    The recent article by Street.Com has certainly
    damaged the credibility of SCLN and the value of our
    investments. The easiest way to remedy the situation is to
    hear testimony from doctors or patiants who have given
    or received the products of SCLN. I need to know
    first hand that the Steet.Com article is based on false
    information and who can better refute their arguments than
    people who have been direct participants. Doctors and
    patients plaese respond or I will start to have my doubts

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    • I don't care. I made $1500 on Friday. Not bad for
      a dumbass (mo mo)investor.

      Is the 'victory'
      website really maintained by an individual investor, or
      is this some kind of slick advertising created by
      one of the institutions holding this stock? It does
      resemble some type of a used car sale advertisement. I
      like it though. Lots of valuable links.

    • I am just a Man with a diease looking for
      answers. I will write you an article I have when I get the
      chance just putting my feelings on this board I will
      reprint some info if you wish. No reason to be a wise

    • 'Victory website?'

      What, do they think...All the internet (mo mo)investors that buys SCLN are stupid?

      Oops... never mind.

    • a little too quickly. I shorted SCLN late Friday
      morning and covered by 2:00pm (for a point and a half
      gain.) I got the crap scared out of me after visiting
      the SCLN Victory website. After reading up on this
      company, I'm seriously considering going long. I'll
      definitely wait for the MACDs to turn positive before making
      any purchase though.

      I'll be trying to contact
      this company either today or tomorrow to find out if
      there are any American doctors that I can contact which
      have first hand knowledge of Zadaxin.

      I'm sure
      most shorters will cover late today or early tomorrow
      morning. If SCLN opens flat or up tomorrow, expect strong
      short covering. JMHO

    • Yes. I am long but currently only 500 shares. I
      figure I will have several opportunties to get back to
      where I was - so I will be adding to my position over

      TSC article doesn't change my position on SCLN's
      ultimate potential - it just may be harder to get there if
      we have these shorts buzzing around for

      I think SCLN will be a quit hitter for the shorts
      that follow TSC. If I am right, we may get a snap-back
      as the shorts cover their positions and move on to
      more promising targets.

    • Nice to see your face on the boards again. I bailed on the board when it got crazy, so may have missed your official reentry. Are you a SCLN long again?


    • Thanks for your response. I'll be contacting SCLN investor relations some time today to see if they offer any references. I'll keep the board informed.

    • If you can give me a biological/chemical reason
      why ZADAXIN will fail, I'm all ears. No one has been
      able to do that. They have already shown it as
      effective in the U.S. against Hep C in Phase II trials or
      they wouldn't be planning on starting Phase III
      trails. So what drug will do better? Point me at a web
      page. I have an open mind.

    • Oh heaven forbid that someone might say something
      bad about this great ZADAXIN. Then the person is a
      paid basher a liar, idiot, freak, nut,and on and on.
      Well I for one say ZADAXIN will be passed by on the
      drug highway in the treatment of
      HEP C in this
      country and Time will prove me right.....

    • Probably because most of us are from the U.S. and
      it isn't approved here yet. ZADAXIN is in trials and
      it would be illegal (guessing here) for anyone from
      the U.S. to comment on those. So where are you
      expecting comments to come from? Do you go buy stock of
      every drug company whose drugs you take? Do you give
      testimony on their message boards? The way you are beating
      this point to death I'm starting to believe you are

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