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  • mr_whippet_2001 mr_whippet_2001 Dec 26, 2012 11:56 PM Flag

    Tons of more insider buying......

    Yahoo finally has the latest round of insider buys posted.

    I"m new to this stock so I'm no expert but it appears something is in the air.........either they are planning on a buyout down the road or they just feel their company is way undervalued.

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    • insiders are selling and 20 will be the Top ! We are in Wft stock which is down 80% and it is being accumulated by Wall Street Insiders at 9-10 level !!!!

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    • All of the insider buying is because they all feel the stock should be much higher. The company hasn't changed much, and the drop in price this year was due to some accounting issues in the past that they went about clearing up this year. The market reacted badly to it, the price dropped reflected the overall consensus. Look at back at as soon as the price dropped some big insiders buys came across from the senior management. They are simply still buying, because this was a 19 dollar stock before that whole mess came about. They cleared up the accounting issues, and expect it to be back around the 19 dollar range next year. No changes to the fundamentals of company, just a change in price....

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    • Looks good - some serious cash being put up by management, always a good sign. If they can execute on the stated profitability focus going forward there is a LOT of upside to be had from here. The stock right now is still suffering from the end-of-year malaise but if the fiscal mess gets any sort of resolution and particularly if WFT turns in some good Q4-Q1 numbers no reason this can't bounce back into the high teens or low 20's. Lots of upside with limited downside from here is my personal bet.

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    • Looks good! Re-read the transcript for Q3 on Seeking Alpha. The comments from management are that they have a commitment to profitabiity and de-leveraging once the accounting task force has completed things - which they have. They are focusing the entire corporate culture on this and BDD said point blank he sees no reason they can't achieve the same level of profitability they have shown in the past. If they execute this stock is easily $20 in the next 12-18 months. I think they will take a lot of the mighty analysts by surprise and beat all earnings estimates handily this next year. This is probably the reason for the serious insider buying - they know the turnaround has begun and the stock is in the bargain basement at these level. I agree.

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