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  • KatanaBeach KatanaBeach May 10, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Magic User Conference

    Attended conference in New Orleans last week. Wow! Very big technical improvements coming this year. Going to MS Visual Studio for its development environment(Just another language you can plug in) Ability to consume .NET objects for client/server as well as cloud apps. (this is huge as it eliminates the need for Magic to develop its own equivalents of the .NET objects so they can focus on Mobile devices - supporting all mobile platforms by year-end). Also, magic is working on a hosting partnership with an unnamed leading hosting company to provide turnkey hosting of cloud apps for Magic developers. That, along with UniPaaS JET(free version) and integration into MS Visual Studio it is obvious to me magic is adding another revenue stream model to the company based on many more Magic developers. I think it is a GREAT move to grow the business and really put it in position for a takeover (in a few years.) I don't know what the stock is going to do short term but Magic is definitely focused on the right kinds of improvements to their product! Think about this: Smartphones will surpass computers as far as internet pages accessed next year! That is incredible. When you have a RAD software development tool that can develop for client/server, Intranet, and Mobile and PC cloud the world is your oyster baby!

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    • Great post! This company is going to soar eventually. I'm staying in at 6 average. In the long run it won't matter if you are in at 6, 7 or even 10.

    • Take a look at that Tegra 3 quad chip- its going to be a super computer phone. The Iphone will have its hands full with that one this fall. YES, the phone is using broadband at PC rates. I never dreamed I would have a family service plan for the phone and pay this much..

    • Katana, you may be my long lost brother. Nice summary of the conference. As far as Magic working on a hosting partnership with an "unnamed" leading hosting company, this is expected to be announced in the Fall. This is a rather interesting idea, I'll confess, however, I'm not quite sure I know what it means. For instance, let's say I develop a Payroll application, more specifically a Direct Deposit app where the user enters into Excel lists of bank accounts, routing numbers and amounts to deposit. My app would take this information from the user's desktop, format it per NACHA and send it to the user's bank. Pretty simple app, but just try and sell it and worse support it on a hundred different desktops across the country.

      So, what's stopping me right now from upgrading this app to a Rich Internet App, dropping it on and waiting for customers to start rolling-in? It's expensive, set-up is not easy, nobody would know about it and if they did nobody would trust it.

      Here's what I'm hoping. What if I can drop this application on some type of pre-defined enterprise server where I don't have to pay a huge entry fee? Perhaps pay per usage? A reasonable subscription fee? Don't have to worry about set-up, just concentrate on building my applications? Maybe have the server assist with SEO? Maybe have some type of approval process that lends instant credibility or maybe the host itself would add a stamp of approval? Maybe for large turnkey projects have iBolt available for a fee?

      If this is the direction they're going, count me in. Think about all the apps out there after 25 years of programming - tens of thousands. What a bonanza this would be.

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      • Clown - as for your theoretical bank deposit app. My app has to deal with that also. It is very doable with magic - and in an automated fashion. By that I mean you can create XML tables on the fly in UniPaaS that the customer "defines" via a "New Customer Setup Utility". Import the CSV into the mapped XML table, validate the data and display back to the customer for a "final" approval. Then upload the XML table into the secure SQL table for processing. This allows for the subtle differences in customer data formats w/o ANY custom code. We do a similar thing with the large company I work for to post our 401K to ADP site. Only diff is they tell us the format. Then they validate it prior to upload. errors are identified and must be corrected and file re-submitted. It's an accepted method of "loading" data.

      • Clown - I think that is exactly where they WANT to go. But they have to figure out how to make money at it or at least not lose any money, including from their ISV's. I envision the same thing you said. I am developing a cloud app and want to be one of the 1st to utilize the service in hopes of special consideration. I'm all in. And like you said - there are soooo many apps that are more cost effective for all sizes of companies when ported to the cloud paradigm! Tremendous opportunities in the next couple years.

    • Kat...

      Thanks very much, you are living proof that if one waits long enough ( very long in this case) someone will eventually post something of value to the reader's trading on a message board.

    • and down it goes

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