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  • patroutman patroutman Sep 8, 2009 7:32 PM Flag


    And the PPS should break 6 early tomorrow...
    Keep it going Sam!

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    • I am using thi msg board to keep track of NAV Growth.
      In case you don't know this is a CEF. A CEF is essentially a bunch of stocks like a mutual fund, but trading on the open market.

      This means it can trade at a discount or at a premium.

      To see the NAV (Net Asset Value) you can look up xawpx on yahoo.

      The NAV is what the stocks in the CEF AWP are worth.

      Since the NAV is 7+ and the Price Per Share is 6+, it is trading at a discount. In other words you can buy $7 worth of stocks for $6.

      That is a deal to me. Compare xaodx to aod. It is the opposite.

      What makes it even better is that the NAV has been increasing at a good rate.

      Anyway, sorry if you already knew this, but hopefully it will help someone.

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      • <<Compare xaodx to aod. It is the opposite.>>

        You are comparing AOD and AWP NAV's; I would like to comment that each (AWP, AOD and AGD) is investing in a different sphere and under diff. "philosophy".

        AWP owns shares of companies that are owning or investing in Real Estate, be it REITs or others. I bought AWP (I own a 4000 shares of AOD as well) because I expected that the (world-wide) real estate will recover, meaning that sooner or later the NAV "discount may go away; but- with the financial situation improving, the NAV valuation should keep going up. The combination of NAV discount and the hoped-for (in relatively near future - beware of the way Obama is throwing our money around) economical improvement one can expect decent profit - both from the share valuation and increased divvy.

        BUT: any NAV discount has a root cause! It is reflection of investor reluctance to pay full NAV) valuation because the investor lacks adequate confidence.....

        To compare holdings of Alpine CEFs, you could follow the links below (note that the NAV valuations are from June 30 2009, the date the reports were published):




      • no need to to be sorry and yes i do know
        and your explanation was right on.

    • i dont know what your point is but keep
      posting, its working _FOR NOW

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