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  • faosto faosto Nov 9, 2004 3:49 PM Flag

    Please Monica stop the dividend

    An open letter to Monica:

    Please stop acting like a mature utility company, paying out earnings in the form of relatively hefty dividends for a company your size. Instead, please REINVEST that money to grow more rapidly to capture greater market share, as larger players are moving into your space quite aggressively. When more than 3/4th of the company's stock is held by insiders, it raises more than a few eyebrows that you are choosing to pay per-share dividends out - which benefits you personally, most of all. The rest of us are counting on your ability to execute a very agressive growth plan. I hope you are trying to build a skyscraper, not a candy store.

    Use the dividends to double your sales and support staff. Thank you.

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    • <<< Use the dividends to double your sales and support staff. >>>

      who exactly do you propose those new hires sell to? that would be a terrible waste of money. list for us a bunch of companies with VoIP networks all built-out and moving massive amounts of voice/data/video..... don't know of many. seems MNDO is good for small greenfield deployments for now... the cash is safe and ready for growth when the time comes.

      MNDO has great products for the future. the party starts at 7. MNDO is all dressed up and has arrived at 4. nothing to do but wait for the guests to arrive. - J

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      • Cisco, Alcatel, Avaya, Lucent, Skyworks, Qualcomm, Airspan, Alvarion, etc all have different flavors of VOIP network solutions for carriers. C-Cor is doing the same on the cable side of the business. I just want MNDO to be more agressive in their deal-making (i.e. partnering). MNDO should be integrated into every solution sold by these large carrier class telecom providers. Also, Asia is where explosive growth in VOIP will occur next three years. I don't think MNDO has an office in either China, Korea, Japan, or Taiwan. Also, if MNDO hired more engineering on the info/traffic management side of their application suite, they could develop more robust applications for VOIP network management for mid to large corporations. Then they become a partner with Avaya, SBC, and many others. I don't know what percentage of their biz comes from telecom providers (i.e. billing and call management for customers), but I think it is most if not all. there are still huge VOIP network management issues that MNDO can tackle on the enterprise side. So that's what I meant by 'doubling their sales and support staff."

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