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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Nov 22, 2004 12:53 PM Flag

    The LT bottom is in - move up to 6

    from this level

    the stock is now in strong hands and the word in Israel (by way of NYC) is that the company has a big announcement to make during the eoy CC

    2005 is going to be THE year for MNDO

    many Israeli software companies have been purchased by USA companies and MNDO is ripe to be purchased by any one of the significant VOIP players - look at Sonus for an example of a company that would love to have a full VOIP solution to offer from soup to nuts

    look for other large software companies to try to also get a packaged solution

    this is one strong value play

    good luck to those who had a little heartburn at today's drop

    have a nice thanksgiving and rest assured Ober and I would not be here unless there were significant gains ahead

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    • i meant the tone of the TASE market and how things look over there

    • no thank you about the call

      but i would appreciate an email from you if you do not mind, giveing me the tone and any news you may hear from Israel

      maybe we can work both sides of the world in tracking MNDO

      that would help me tremendously

      the SEC opens at 7 a.m. my time, i believe you are 9 hours ahead of me so that would be 4 p.m. your time and i will email you about what they say concerning the 13-G filings

      your sources are extremely informative and i appreciate any comments you have to make about other Israeli companies

      i would enjoy investing in other Israeli companies if for no other reason than my personal pelief that the country is good for business

    • quantum_analyst hay.
      i saw/read that the moment it was out but since i'm not familiar with those SEC filing i leave it to other people.
      as you already saw my English is not perfect and last thing i would try to do is to translate something i don't understand.
      about MNDO and TASE. mndo is one of the TASE 100 of today mndo rank at no 94
      usually the negotiability in this stock is low.10k maybe 20K. Nasdaq give's the tone.
      and yes.i'm in Israel.
      would you like me to call you when the TASE is open??? LOL

    • Here is the link for the two 13-G forms filed in the USA today.

      I will call the SEC tomorrow and find out exactly what they mean.

      Until then....are in you in Israel?

      If so, am i correct in assuming that the market opens at 9:45 in Tel Aviv?

      That would bee 12:45 a.m. here in arizona in the USA.

    • this one i took from TheMarker English version
      "Mind CTI (Nasdaq, TASE:MNDO) lost 3.3%, also on unusually heavy volume of NIS 26 million. In its case the story was a selloff by Polar Communications (TASE: PLRC ), which owns 13% of the software company's stock. Leader & Co got NIS 21 per share for Polar. "
      unfortunately nothing on Globes English version.

    • at you will find two 13-g's filed today by Polar

      the first shows a large number of shares and the second only 900,000 approximately

      i was thinking that the first showed their position prior to the sale and the second showed their pposition after the sale but i could be wrong

      i have emailed Mind to get an answer

      i hope they respond

      is there any site we can go to (i can go to) to verify wht you read?

      i will research this if you give me something to go on


    • Globes write that 24 million NIS (New Israely Shekel).price for share was 21 NIS. 24000000:21=1142857 share's
      as of today close 1$=4.379 NIS
      quantum_analyst are you sure about the 13G filed? less then 1 million??? it doesn't make sense.even if Globes and TheMarker were wrong none of them said something about less then 5%

    • the 13G filed shows that they own less than 1 million shars as of today which means they own far less than what you are saying

      the 13-G report is by law accurate so i am assuming that the report you saw was not accurate

      and if they sold to another insitution that insitution will have to file and then we will see how many they bought

      also, do you read anywhere about the price they sold their sahres for?


    • quantum_analyst hay.
      you wrote that the stock now is in strong hand's-i think we will have to wait till the next time institutional will have to report.then we will know who are our new partner's.
      next thing about "the word in Israel".i have no idea what the word is about.the only two thing's i'm looking to hear about are 1.what's with the "big" contract in America.
      2.acquisition of a new company.
      about Israeli software being acquired by USA companies well corect me if i'm wrong please but as far as i remember most.or maybe all of them were private company's that the Venture capital prefer to sell insted of investing more and more money.
      a company in a very bad condition usually looking to be sold.
      and last thing about SONS my friend.SONS was one of the best stock's i have had last year.
      bought 1000 at 0.70 cent and sold less then a year at 8.50$
      i miss 2003
      ps-what ever i wrote was in a friendly tone

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