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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Nov 23, 2004 2:08 PM Flag

    the sell off broke down the technicals

    a bit and it will take through the end of the year to regain momentum

    someone is consistently buying at this level

    over time and perhaps given the 'january effect' when small and micro caps do best, the stock will rise to 6

    i do not see any signs of further weakness

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    • i have listened and read inerviews with monica taht go back to 2002

      i understand being cautious but there is a point where waiting becomes and excuse not a plan

      also i have read that 40 million of the cash surplus is in a debt instrument that matures in 2005

      if management's plan to acquite another company is indefinite and is now approaching a three year wait it is understandable that shareholders would become impatient and move on

      regarding having no a historically low interest rate environment as the usa has faced going into long term debt is extremely positive since it allows a company to grow using cheap money

      also, a company can acqire another by using shares of stock

      so i do not think that after monica giving the same answers about buying anotehr company those answers carry any weight

      the stockis down yet again in Tel Aviv

      this is becoming a negative trend and does not bode well for this stock

    • hi QA

      to answer your questions (even partially)

      what monica implies all the time is that she knows whom she wants to purchase. the problem is price. we don't wantto b left with no cash at all are we?
      M&A activity is not as simple as we think. it should b done very carefully.

      about the currency rates, it is irrelevant because the company that will b bought, has a price in dollars as well

      good luck

    • Sure, colupshu work for him.LOL

    • my sincerest rgards

      i did some historical analysis on Mind and i better understand management's approach

      it simply has not led to rasiging the stock price which is the final measure after all

      good night

    • quantum_analyst my friend.
      you do not upset did what you had to do.
      have a nice evening and speek with you tomorrow (have to wake up soon)

    • the issue of Mind's cash horde goes back years to the days when the company was in financial trouble and first began to turn a profit

      monica then stated that a dividend ahd been paid when the company was private and the policy continued when the comapny was made public because new shareholders (including insitutions) expressed a desire for a dividend

      the discussions we are having today have been held since the original IPO in 2000

      the real issue is shareholder value

      monica and her team are excellent mangers and they are on the conservative side

      they have seen booms and busts and they are preparing for another bust should it happen

      they want to be able to grow the business on their own time table without being taken down by the major down trends the telecom industry has seen in the past 4 years

      they probably hope to use the cash to acquire a company during just such bad times as the valuations during a down trend will be attractive

      but the fact is that the stock is only 55% of its original IPO value

      and it has gone down this year

      it is one thing to understand a mangement team's philosophy and another to believe that this philosophy is appropriate during today's market conditions

      so, sorry if i upset anyone

      i do believe that the stock is leavingthe hands of israeli investors and institutions and that the pressure applied by non israeli owners will hopefully blend in with the conservative leaning of monica and her team and result in a more synergistic approach to maximizing shareholder value

    • I appreciate all of the insightful T/A and information! Thanks to you, QA, and the other gentlemen.


    • you wrote it so nicely-agree with everyword.
      i believe quantum_analyst wrote it from an impulse and he didn't mean.
      a month ago Monica had an's in Hebrew and i will be the last one to translate it.if one of the Israeli's among this board would like to do it he will be more then welcome.

    • POS I think Arafat has 80% of the float

    • if monica is so concerned with growing this company then why can she not find a better use for its cash than giving away 80% of it each year to herself and other large shareholders?

      come on

      a company this size either has growth potential or it doesn't

      maybe she needs a business type to work with her, one who can take the company's rather significant cash reserves and use them to grow this business through quantum leaps as opposed to the baby steps she has taken

      are you saying that keeping that much cash on hand is the best she can do?

      with the dollar dropping, assuming they have the money in dollars, they have lost 25% of their reserves value in the past 18 months.

      are yousying that they won't even buy back the company's stock because IT is not worth the cash they have on hand?

      Microsoft had to decide to use it or give it away, to use a company that you brought up. They gave it as special dividend.

      Other companies use it to back back stock, something I must admit is not appropriate in this instance.

      But if monica cannot find a better way to use this cash than to just place it in a savings account then this company is missing someone with experience or daring or expertise or business sense or both.

      This company has enormous potential and given that i now own a significant nubmer of shrares and Oberwies around 5% the company is going to be 'encouraged' to maximize sharehodler value and fast.

      The dollar has reached new lows today.

      The Mind cash pile is worth less today than yesterday.

      The idea that sitting on cash this high and this long makes no sense any longer.

      If anyone in Israel has access to the media get the word out.

      this company is now about to be controlled by Americans and monica better use that money to drive the sahre price higher or sell out.


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