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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Dec 1, 2004 1:09 PM Flag

    Dow +130 MAZ +33 and...........

    MNDO down

    now tell me what is good about that

    my moneyis just sitting here doing nothing as i ponder turning short and punding the price down even further

    if the positive people here would buy this thin float the price would go up but you are not buying, just posting

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    • mid_pac hay.
      i hope this one could help you:
      Msg 2230. o_benation brought it
      "This is from the analysts at Miller Johnson Steichen Kinnard. Hopefully this will answer the questions about the loans.


      We also list some bank debt of $10 million that Mind incurred during the second quarter of 2004. This is not the result of an
      acquisition. Rather, Mind had historically seen the Company�s long term bank deposits returned on the call date. This was
      likely driven by the fact that the deals favor Mind over the bank. Mind expected one of these deposits to be called in
      February of 2004. Accordingly, Mind made arrangements to deposit the funds into another bank earning a similar high level
      of interest. When the first bank did not return the funds early, Mind borrowed $10.0 million to cover the new deposit. While
      the economics of the deal are highly favorable with Mind earning a spread of 5.35% on the $10 million, financial speculation
      is not the primary focus of the Company. This highly irregular activity presents no material risk to the Company as the loan
      can be repaid at any time. We expect $10 million of deposits to be returned to Mind in November-2004 and Mind to use that
      cash to repay its $10 million bank loan. We do not expect this change to have a material impact on our EPS forecast for 2005
      as we have not factored in the excess interest income that would be earned in 2005 if this extra $10 million deposit were to
      remain outstanding."

    • This will probably reveal my novice level of reading financial info --- the key statistics for MNDO list a total debt of $10M for this company.

      Again, a small amount but it was not there a few weeks ago. . .

    • i see nodebt, simply other liabilities

      to what do you refer?

    • Buy opp. Stock is building support at 5 and I wouldn't be suprised to see it base for a month or so. Early next year I expect there will be some happy shareholders.

    • quantum_analyst hay.
      don't drag into it.
      and as for the positive people here- well everybody bought what ever he/she could or as much they thought they should.
      probably we are not being liked to be fight for and i'm out of guessing way.
      the stock price/trend speek for it self.
      BTW-hope you had a nice Thanksgiving

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