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  • altanta65 altanta65 Aug 12, 2004 4:31 AM Flag



    I thought that the Republicans were good for the markets..This douchebag is kill us slowly.
    This administration cannot perk the markets for the last 4 years it has been War and Fear and War and Fear. Did anyone make any money with Bush...His friends did on their Oil and Defense Stock.. I think it is time for a change do you....John Kerry could do this ....He can do any worse that George..think about it.....

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    • 4 more for gw, then 8 for jeb.

    • I believe that Gore or just about any other political leader either Democrat or Republican would have used the world's support after 9/11
      help destroy terrorists. Moving on Iraq without the UN was just plain stupid. Sitting and reading a story about a goat while our country is under attack is beyond belief. It's time to fire him.

    • Its always a problem giving people's money back so they can spend the money and stimulate the economy. The media will go crazy overa tax cut. But by golly when they saddle my young son with the new prescription drug plan. Itis not good enough, that argument is suddenly invalid. Why that is more Gobment spending......

    • You stupid shit, where would we be if the snivalling idiot Gore was in there. You Libs seem to have forgoten terriorists flew planes into our buildings, killing thousands. We were united till the dem leaders divided us. Do you really think that a dem Pres. making the exact decisions would get such a reaction.......

    • the only mis informed idiot seems to be you. Check the record it came out that he lied about Cambodia. This is just what tbe Clintons wanted. Go Hillary maybe she can narrow the national debt with a little cattle future trading.....

    • any new info on klic here,or is this board just the kerry/bush pre-election debate. past post stated bush in coast guard ???? i don't think there is anyone who can confirm he showed up for national air guard reserve. did he really serve this country on land,sea,air is anybodys guess.did make a hell of a spectacule landing on that air craft carrier claiming mission accomplished.any numbers on the body count since then,usually we are reminded once a day. please post something of intrest about klic . appears to be heading back to 2.00 after all of this irrational exuberance. oh yeah and i guess the war has helped too!

    • <<any took exception to the Purple Hearts awarded to Kerry. His �wounds?were suspect, so insignificant as to not be worthy of the award of such a medal>>

      If you are loyal to the country, don't play around with the rumors. Smearing is just showing incapability. If you can get millions in stock market, you don't care about others getting thousands. So, you don't smear. If you lose $$$ everyday, you hate those who can get $100. You start smearing. Losers smear people. Answer just the real issue:
      1) National security
      2) Economy
      3) International fame

      Are they better now? Smearing won't get a country better. Think about your smearing around with your friends...

      I remember a famous paragraph:
      You can fool some people all the time.
      You can fool all the people some time.
      You can't fool all the people all the time.

      It is clear that the world is angry with Bush. Are so many people in the world stupid and you are the only smart guy? Think about it. Democracy is that majority wins.

    • Sounds like Kerry is a coward and a liar now that I know the full story.

      The democrats think that Bush, cause he served in the Coast Guard, shouldn't be president. That's like saying Einstein shouldn't teach math cause he failed math in high school. Seems Kerry is not only a liar but a fraud too.

      I hope Bush wins and wins big cause these demo crybabies drive me up a wall. When Bush #1 was running for president with the �kinder gentler� America, he lost. Now Kerry wants to wage a �kinder gentler� war against terror � just shows he is stupid too.

      BTW, klic sucks.

    • �Many took exception to the Purple Hearts awarded to Kerry. His �wounds� were suspect, so insignificant as to not be worthy of the award of such a medal. That Kerry would seek the Purple Heart for such �wounds� is a mockery of the intent of the Purple Heart and an abridgement of the valor of those to whom the Purple Heart had been awarded with justification.�

      Swift Boat veteran

      A normal tour of duty in Vietnam was at least one year for all personnel. Many sailors, like Tom Wright (who would later object to operating with Kerry in Vietnam) and Steven Gardner (the gunner�s mate who sat behind and above Kerry for most of his Vietnam stay and came to regard him as incompetent and dishonest), stayed for longer periods either because of the special needs of the Navy or because they had volunteered to do so. With very few exceptions in the history of Swift Boats in Vietnam, everyone served a oneyear tour unless he was seriously wounded. One exception was John Kerry, who requested to leave Vietnam after four months, citing an obscure regulation that permitted release of personnel with three Purple Hearts. John Kerry is also the only known Swiftee who received the Purple Heart for a self-inflicted wound.

      None of Kerry�s Purple Hearts were for serious injuries. They were concededly minor scratches at best, resulting in no lost duty time. Each Purple Heart decoration is very controversial, with considerable evidence (and in two of the cases, with incontrovertible and conclusive evidence) that the minor injuries were caused by Kerry�s own hand and were not the result of hostile fire of any kind. They are a subject of ridicule within our unit. �I did get cut a few times, but I forgot to recommend myself for a Purple Heart. Sorry about that,� wrote John Howland, a boat commander with call sign �Gremlin.�

    • <<Not misinformation, accounts by eye witnesses as detailed in "Unfit for Command"
      by John E. O'Neill, Jerome R. Corsi>>

      Did you watch MSNBC hardball yesterday? O'Neill was there. He is just a liar.

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