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  • storagelh storagelh Aug 7, 2010 9:23 AM Flag

    I just wish

    Klic and the rest of the semis would start losing $$$ again. This has been one of the best qrt's in awhile that I can remember where the earnings have been excellent and the guidance even better, all the while stock prices have done nothing, if anything , gone down. Its not like there was some big run up into earnings . Thats why I talk about fundamentals and the less and less importance they have in todays markets. I company with no pe , and bs spin, has a better chance of going up than one with an established earnings record. Once they can put a pe on it, the stock is toast ! I sold everything except klic this week, and had the order in, and didn't pull the trigger on Thurs. and was going to sell on the open yesterday. $#$%%# !!! Think I'm going to start shorting the dow in the next few weeks .

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    • You are correct. The stock prices were weak going into the earnings. The earnings were better than anyone could of imagined. INTC TER KLIC, ECT. And the stocks now lower than earnings.

      INTC i think is holding the sector back. But that stock will break out eventually. Its dividend is 3% which is more than a 10 year GVT bond!! The dividend is pretty rock solid too.

      INTC should be $24 at least (actually $30 is very reasonable). When INTC hits $24, I bet these other Semi stocks really take off.

      You are right about the market not really caring about earnings. The stocks are trading completely off of chart paterns. Which often have no relationship to intrinsic value.

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