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  • specsit2000 specsit2000 Sep 14, 2010 11:04 AM Flag

    Oppenheimer Downgrade

    The old saw is "You get what you pay for."

    Well, we pay 0 for analysts opinions, and that is what those opinions are worth to retail investors.

    But it is not only analysts opinions that are worth 0 to the retail investor. Charts which are used for bottom fishing or for trading positions are also behaving in the most unusual ways, with what were Sell or Buy signals being in fact just the opposite. Moreover stock prices are to a large extent currently correlated with each other.

    The usual advantages of "diversification" within a portfolio are little or not existant.

    It really is every investor for him(her)self.

    Which is as it should be in the real world.

    Thank goodness we have a sane and deep bench on this message board.


    I am long KLIC.

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    • >>Thank goodness we have a sane and deep bench on this message board.<<

      I'd rather have the cash. But to each his own. Good luck swimming against the tide.

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      • pig,

        Sorry to disappoint you but we also have the cash.

        Meanwhile, what is your position in KLIC?

        It would be shocking to learn you have an opinion but haven't backed it up with some good old hard cash!


        I am long KLIC.

      • "scale in, scale out, online commissions are cheap"

        I'd say a decent amount of us have made serious money over the years with this stock.

        Over the 20+ years I've been investing it's been my best money maker. And I never short.

        I'm just sayin'

        With a beta like this there is serious money to be made on both sides - I'm just a long only kinda guy. So sometimes during the cycle I'm totally out of KLIC.

        Hope you do better and are happier elsewhere.

    • petezach Sep 16, 2010 1:48 AM Flag

      Wow, what a genius to downgrade the stock after it has already dropped from almost $ 9 to almost $ 5 ...!
      pe ratio for 2010 now is 2.7; forward pe for 2011 if they earn $ 1.33 = 4.12 !!!!
      What, has KLIC now become an Insurance, or bank stock, That is assininely low; Time to back up the truck ...!

    • You express somewhat the same confusion as me. Nonstop good news for 4 months for KLIC and the stock is punished mercilessly. It has an earnings yield over 30%; it is throwing off cash - and relentlessly sold. Now come the downgrades and the stock rallies 4% off the lows?

      I'm watching stocks that I traded this summer - like APPLE and Ciena - for whom fundamentals meant NOTHING for months - now suddenly go up 15-25% simply because it's September. I think this market is rigged - it just makes no sense to me - bad is good and good is bad and great is awful and awful is terrible and nothing is ever ever what it seems.

      Now I'm supposed to buy after I've relentlessly told to sell. It is any wonder that there is almost NO retail involvement.?

    • The stock is very cheap!

11.81+0.28(+2.43%)Nov 30 3:59 PMEST